Bears Den: May 21st, 2010 Edition


Best wishes to the Blackhawks tonight. WCG's position is to be committed to the Indian. Can you step on a Shark's throat? Do they even have one?

Offense, defense to battle at minicamp - There can be only one, like the Highlander. No, wait, that doesn't seem right. Playing against your own team is tough, because it's hard to know if the offense is good and the defense sucks, or vice versa. Or if just everyone is terrible.

Aromashodu picked as a fantasy sleeper - Devin is the Rip Van Winkle of fantasy football. Pick him up in a mid round, and you'll be celebrating 90+ yards and a touchdown every game.

Chicago Bears: Should start coming into focus Señor Biggs lays out some of the things we should be able to expect to know coming out of camp. Brief and insightful, this is a highly recommended link.

Chicago Bears: Expect hot competition at wide receiver - Hopefully it's not "Girls Gone Wild" hot, where you expect it to be hot, but in reality it's kind of disturbing and boring.

Bears LB Roach looks to keep place with first team - He's going to fight as hard as he can to get it. He looked pretty solid last year. I hope he gets an actual shot at earning the job, instead of it just automatically going to Pisa because he's the Vet.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Y'know, for kids.

Idonije excited to play for Marinelli - Maybe Marinelli will not be attached to strings. Maybe.

Favre: If Southern Miss makes College World Series, I'll rejoin Vikes - Read this as: Brett Favre does something silly to make sure his name is still on ESPN otherwise his heart might implode from sadness of not being the center of attention all the effing time.

Moss linked to troubled doc; Shanahan says 'Skins will 'wait and see' - Expect crackdowns on this sort of thing.

Bob Sanders, Anthony Gonzalez back on field for Colts OTAs | | The Indianapolis Star - Predicted September Headline: "Colts win in 4th Quarter; lose Sanders and Gonzalez for season"

Sixth-grader heading to World Pinball Championship - I'm over twice this kid's age and completely jealous of him. So I've got that going for me.

Ninjas to the rescue as thugs pick wrong alley - Ninjas never make things worse.

Like hockey? Like the Blackhawks? Visit our often non-sober cousins over at Second City Hockey. They know more about hockey than you'll ever get from the terrible Versus studio crew.

And finally, your video of the day shows why you might want to have some size, speed, strength combination in your safeties:


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