The Way-Too Early, Chicago Bears 53 Man Roster Thread

What the hell....I'm bored.

Quarterbacks (2):
Jay Cutler, Caleb Hanie.

(There may be some out there who believe the Bears will go with 3 QBs this year. To them I say: No way--unless we go out and sign a veteran. Giving a roster spot to Dan Lefevour would be a complete waste in my opinion. If Cutler gets hurt, you can bet your money will be looking for a Vet immediately anyway. Lefevour is not a risk of getting picked up off the practice squad and so that is where he should spend this year.)

Running backs (4):
Matt Forte, Chester Taylor, Garrett Wolfe, Harvey Unga

(Folks will take biggest issue methinks with this Unga selection but we need a power back and if he can deliver on ST, I think he is a better fit for Martz's offense. Lacking blocking experience is an issue but Manumaleuna fills a gap here thus making the FB position expendable. Moreover, Unga is a draft pick-- Minor and Belle were both UFAs, that still accounts fro something in Jerry's world I think)


Wide receivers (6):
Devin Aromashodu, Earl Bennett, Rashied Davis, Devin Hester, Juaquin Iglesias, Johnny Knox.

Tight ends (4): Desmond Clark, Kellen Davis, Brandon Manumaleuna, Greg Olsen.

Offensive linemen (8):
Josh Beekman, Roberto Garza, Olin Kreutz, Lance Louis, Frank Omiyale, Johan Asiata, Kevin Shaffer, Chris Williams.

Total Offense: 24

Defensive linemen (9): Anthony Adams, Mark Anderson, Julius Peppers, Jarron Gilbert, Tommie Harris, Marcus Harrison, Israel Idonije, Corey Wooten, Matt Toeaina.

Linebackers (7): Lance Briggs, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Nick Roach, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Brian Urlacher, Tim Shaw, Brian Iwuh

Cornerbacks (5): Zackary Bowman, Corey Graham, Tim Jennings, Charles Tillman, Woodney Turrene

Safeties (5): Major Wright, Josh Bullocks, Danieal Manning, Chris Harris, Craig Steltz.

Total Defense: 26

Specialists (3): Robbie Gould, Patrick Mannelly, Brad Maynard.

Here's your 8 man practice squad:

1. Dan Lefevour (QB)
2. Will Taufou (FB)
3. J'marcus Webb (OT)
4. Vince Vance or Levi Horn (OL) (think that Levi has the advantage but still too early to say)
5. Joshua Moore (CB)
6. Henry Melton (DL)(assuming he's eligible)
7. Kevin Malast or Matt Mayberry (LB)
8. Open for a pickup from another team's cut list

And here are your notable veteran cuts:

- D.J. Moore
(Probably another controversial call but I have to believe we have enough depth at Nickel with Graham, Jennings and Manning if needed. Turrene is getting better and getting good reviews and his size and speed make him a better back-up to Bowman/Tillman out on the corners. I suppose DJ could stick if the Bears cut LB Iwuh and go with 6 CBs instead of 5 and 6 LBs instead of 7. He'll have to adjust his attitude from last year and start making plays in camp and preseason)

- Khalil Bell (Unga seems a better option and frankly so does Wolfe who makes great ST Contributions-- he gets hurt a lot too.)

- A Afalava ( It's him or Bullocks at this point. I think the Bears like Steltz too much. I believe the Bears go with Bullocks who is actually not that old or that expensive. It surprising to see this rookie sensation fall so far so fast actually. He never did anything really bad, just never did anything good either. Starting almost every game may have been a curse as well because he never got chance to prove his value on ST which is the only thing now that might ensure him a roster spot.

- Eddie Williams

- James Marten (if he get's cut again, he may be selling cars soon)

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