What can improve the "dismal" pass rush?

Yes i know by the headline you're thinking "WHAT?!? WE GOT JULIUS FREAKING PEPPERS?!? HOW IS OUR Pass RUSH DISMAL?!?!?" Well, i will admit, I don't honestly think that the pass rush is dismal, however, i do think that it is not as good as it COULD be!

Follow me through the jump and All of your wildest dreams will come true.....

 The Chicago Bears defensive line is full of pro-bowl calaber, and capable starting calaber players. From Julius Pepper to Matt Toeina, the line has some big name guys, and some not-so-big, but nonetheless awesome guys. But there is one person on our starting line who is missing. This person could single handedly be the greatest Bear to havenever started a game, and quite possibley could be the next "Peppers" or "Umenyora" or "Insert big name pass rusher here" (that guy is the best of them all). You probabley already know what i'm going to say, and i'm sure you agree with me as i state the thesis of my Fan Post...

Corey Wootton is the missing piece to the starting defensive line.

I know right, you're thinking, "but SMD, he;s never played a pro game, he's been injured in college, he didn't show much pre-season.." Calm yourselves my friends because this guy is the REAL DEAL.

As many have stated Corey Wootton was all set to be a mid-1st round/high-2nd round pick in the draft, but he had a catastrophic injury that cost him his final year at Northwestern. In his first year at Northwestern he had only 3 tackles, but the next year he EXPLODED racking up 51 tackles, 30 solo, 4 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and even 2 interceptions. WHAT!?!? Dude is a PLAY MAKER. And that's not even the peak of his performance....

In 2007, Wootton had a down year, only registerin39 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 int, but oh boy... the next year...Dare i say it? He EXPLODED again, blowing up and registering 42 tackles, 10 sacks!, and yet again 1 int!

in 2009 before being injured for the season Wootton was on stride to get the same type of awesome stats he had put up the year before as he went to register 21 tackles and 4 sacks, but before he could really hit his stride he went down with a season ending injury.These stats add up to a career total of...

156 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 4 interceptions, and 19 sacks! Insane!

Now judging by these stats, this man can play the game of football. He is strong, athletic, and BLAZING fast for a DE who is 6'7 280lbs.

What says Anderson, who has not proven ANYTHING in 4 years, is any more qualified to start than Wootton? NOTHING! This man deserves to be THE MAN. He compliments Peppers almost perfectly. Size with size. They would be THE most dominating DE duo in the NFL.

So, what do you think WCG? Wootton 2010? Let me here your opinons on what the Bears can do to get some more productivity out of their LE. Whether it's putting in Wootton (the best solution), starting Izzy, or letting Anderson hit his stride. Fill me in. Let's here it!


(all stats come from

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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