The Bears' Jerry's Kids: Where MDA stands for "Major Draft Atrocities"

So today the Bears released Jarron Gilbert and Jaquin Iglesias, who just happen to be the Bears top two picks from last year's draft.  This got me to thinking:  Is this finally enough for the McCaskeys to see that Angelo needs a good dismissing?  

Now, Angelo hasn't been all bad.

His drafts have given us Alex Brown, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman, Tommie Harris, Tank Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Chris Harris, Kyle Orton, Devin Hester, Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, Chris Williams and Johnny Knox.  And he can hardly be blamed for less than great results from Marc Colombo, Mike Gandy, Rex Grossman, Ced Benson, Danieal Manning and Nate Vasher.  Injury and or development/musical positioning had a lot more to do with that.  But lets take a look at some of his biggest personnel mistakes.  We'll focus mostly on his drafting flubs, but we'll hit on some of his other problems, as well........



Jerry has somehow earned a reputation as a decent GM.  He was voted the 8th Best GM in all of pro sports in 2007 by  He has had some success, to be sure.  The players listed above, for starters, along with FA aquisions like Ruben Brown, Thomas Jones, John Tait, Roberto Garza, Anthony Adams, Adewale Ogunleye, Julius Peppers and Jay Cutler.  

But.......lets note ignore the major mistakes. He's made some bone-headed decisions involving veteran players and draft picks, as well.  Here's my favorite.  After the Super Loss, Angelo decided that Thomas Jones was a luxury.  He traded Jones, and their second round pick (63rd pick) of the draft to the Jets for their 2nd round choice (37th pick).  Not a great trade, in my book.  But it get worse......Angelo then traded the 37th pick he just aquired from the Jets to San Diego for their second round pick (62nd pick) and their 3rd round pick (93rd).  With those picks, the Bears took Dan Bazuin and Garrett Wolfe.  So, if you are following along, the Bears traded Thomas Jones and a second round pick for Dan Bazuin and Garrett Wolfe.  Ugh.......  

Angelo has not enjoyed much success in the upper rounds of the draft (which is maybe why he trades down so much).  Jerry has drafted 28 players in the first three rounds of  the draft over the past nine years.  Here are some of the Lowlights..........  

Roosevelt Williams 3rd round 2002:  Only recordable stat was a funmble recovery for 47 yards in his two years in the league.  Bust.  

Michael Haynes 1st Round 2003: recorded 5 tackles and 1 INT for a 47 yard TD in three years.  Was out of the league by 2007.  Bust.  

Mark Bradley 2nd round 2005:  Less than 1000 over 4 NFL season with the Bears and Chiefs.  Plagued by injuries.  Out of the league at the end of '09. 

Chris Williams 1st round 2008:  The jury is still out on Williams, but that doesn't excuse Angelo from spending the 16th overall pick on a guy with a known back problem that couldn't contribute his rookie year.  

Dusty Dvoracek 3rd round 2006:  Ah, where to start with Dusty.  Jerry drafted Dusty dispite an injury history and an anger management/character problem.  Dusty spent all 4 years on injured reserve.  He did make the field a few times, and played well when he was on.  but the injuries were too much, and he now plays for the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL.  

Michael Okwo 3rd round 2007:  Michael was taken as a possible replacement for Briggs when the whole contract dispute thinng that led to the whole franchise tag thing was happening.  Thank god Lance got what he wanted, because Okwo sucked.  He didn't make it past traingin camp, and never played a down in the league.   Bust.......  

Dan Bazuin 2nd round 2007:  Oh, Danny Boy....wait, who?  Part of the infamous TJ trade, Bazuin was taken too high, and never saw the field after consecutive knee injuries put him on IR two years in a row,  Outta the league after '08 training camp.......Huge Bust.....  

Some other head scratchers........  

Garrett Wolfe 3rd round 2007:  I like Garrett, and he would have been a decent pickup in the late rounds.  But this is the guy that the Bears effectively traded Thomas Jones for.........hmmmm.  

Matt Forte 2nd round 2008:  (this will piss some people off, but please hear me out.  I'm not calling Forte bad)  I'm not going to say that Forte was a bad pick, but.......combined with Williams, had the Bears chosen wisely they could have taken Chris Johnson in Williams spot and and John Greco with the 2nd rounder.  Or, the Bears could have selected Jeff Otah in the 1st and Ray Rice in the second.  Now I'm not saying that Forte isn't a quality player, because he is.  But if the Bears were going to take a guy in the first round that wasn't going to contribute in the first year, then why not take the RB the Bears needed in the first instead and grab up a OT in the second?  Imagine Chris Johnson as a Bear...........  

And none of this even touchs the many failures drafted in the the 4th round and beyond.  A laundry list of picks made up of guys who never saw the roster.....or shouldn't have.  For every Johnny Knox, Chris Harris or Adrian Peterson there are a handful of Macus Monks, Claude Harriotts, Rodriques Wilsons, Aaron Brants and Derek Kinders, released before the first season even starts and never heard from again.  

So, has Angelo failed enough yet?  You decide.  Coming soon: Jerry's Kids Poor Personnel Moves Edition.......  


hat tips to ifuwannacrownem and Mathias-K for editing and research catches.  Thank You.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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