Jay Culter- A tale of two Coordinators




  A lot had been made over the Martz effect on the Bears passing game prior to and during the beginning of the season.  A lot of us Bears fans weren't sure how exactly the Bears Offense would look once the mad scientist took the reigns.  Well today I was looking around Pro Football and was looking at some stats.  Looking over Jay Cutler's stats from this year and last year I found some interesting nuggets that I saw when comparing last year under Ron Turner and this year under Mike Martz.  All stats were taken from here if you'd like to give them a look before jumping into the rest of the post. 

Obviously when looking into the stats a few things need to be taken into account.  First Jay missed a game due to injury this year and second he has yet to play his final game of the season.  Anyway let's start with the overall stat lines...

Here is last year under Ron Turner:

Comp: 336/ Att: 555/ comp %: 60.5/  yds: 3666/  TD: 27/ INT: 26/  sacks: 35/ pass yds/game: 229.1- 16 games

Under Martz this year:

Comp: 240/  Att: 393/  comp %: 61.1/ yds: 3106/  TD: 23/  INT: 14/  sacks: 46/ pass yds/game:221.9-14 games

Again taking into consideration that Jay has played less games this year a few things stand out to me.  His completion percentage is slightly better this year than last, I'd like to think that this stat will only improve with continuity in a system.  The footwork debate aside, showing consistency with his throws in the future as well as further understanding of the system will result in a jump in completion percentage. 

The obvious stat that jumps off the page is he has throw 12 less interceptions than last year, again he has played less games, but even if you factor the next game in and if he had played against Carolina he still would probably not throw 12 more interceptions.  This speaks volumes to how Jay is playing this year, and to how Martz is calling plays.  Jay is averageing about the same amount of yards per game as last year, but you can see that he is taking much better care of the football and not making nearly as many terrible throws.  I'm also optomistic that in the near future as Cutler becomes more comfortable in the system the INT numbers will drop some as well. 

Going into to the season we talked on numerous occasions that Martz's system gets your QB killed, well with 46 sacks and counting it looks like that was a true statement.  Jay has been sacked 81 times in two years, that is just way to much, I like to see this stat cut at least in half next year, hopefully the O line gets some much needed TLC.  As we have seen if Cutler is protected he can be one of the best in the game. 

So the question all comes down to this?  Who is the better coordinator?  Well to answer that question do you just compare records head to head?  Well if you go that route Martz is the clear winner given the success the team has had this season; but then you may say hey DVW what the F that ain't fair our D is better.  To that I would say you are right my friend the D with Urlacher back and the addition of Peppers makes this D a much better D than last year.  So what factor do you use?  For me I've made my decision based on what I've seen.  Watching Cutler play last year vs this year you can see that he has much more confidence in the system(as the season has gone on) and his receivers.  Also the running game has come alive this year with a healthy Forte. 

I don't know if Ron Turner could've gotten the production that Martz has gotten out of this offense this year, but I for one am glad we'll never have to find out.  The big winner here is us the fans as Martz and his ability to game plan and adjust said game plan place him head and shoulders above Ron Turner.  One thing is for sure though, Jay Cutler is going to shatter every single Bears single season and career passing record, when was the last time we could say that about our QB??? 

As always thanks for reading this post and adding any thoughts you may have, and I'm probably rambling but this is what happens when you have time to kill at work on New Years Day....

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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