The stars are in alignment for the 2010 Chicago Bears. Let them come.

It's the 25th anniversary of SB XX this year .... the scoreboard said 24-0 at one point during the Seahawks return to Soldier field, harkening back to those halcyon days when we sailed through the playoffs not allowing a single point against us. Half-naked porky Bear fans drinking beer amidst snow flurries. Bodies of slain opponents being carried off on stretchers. Cocky QB running the ball in himself (twice!). One could be forgiven for thinking that yesterday we were back in the Eighties when it was hip to be square. Sweet. Bill Murray sweet.

Should be interesting to see if any of the hacks are prepared to give the Bears a kind word or two for the first time this year. Probably not, and we don't care.

What a game.

Peanut Tillman pressing the massive Mike Williams into obscurity for the most part. Corey Graham was again outstanding. Tommie Harris showed up for a play, even Greg Olsen showed up for a whole half - and check out the cojones on Mike Martz trying his Tight End streak twice on 3rd and short when they were least expecting it. Respect all round.

The Sideline Yoda, Rod Maranelli, ensured his beasts snuffed out any ideas the Seahawks had of utilising their own beast, the Youtube darling of the week. As always, the defense swarmed to the ball, and Carlson was stretchered off on the first series. He wouldn't be the last.

Respect also, and a game ball, to the offensive line. There, I said it. That was some good pass blocking apart the usual terrible-ness of J'Marcus Webb, and False Start Frank better cut that out against the Packers.

And that, Mr. Cutler, is how we do that ... well done, sir.

It was past four in the morning here when Jay Christopher walked off the field looking like the cat that got the cream, so I didn't want to sit up watching Brady pants the Jets - but what a sweet little jolt I got the next day to see that it was Chubby Checker and the Jets that pantsed the Pats instead. Jay Cutler has been the subject of media derision all season long - his whole Bears career has been in fact. Yet where are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning ( the greatest post-season choker of all time), Philip Rivers and Drew Brees ? Where are the 'elite' now ? At home, that's where.

The changing of the guard has been signaled. Cutler and Rodgers are the new elite. The big, strong, mobile missile launchers are the new masters of all they survey. Along with Big Ben, three out of the four remaining QBs are all of the same ilk.

Now two teams stand between us and a Lombardi, two teams we've beaten already this year. We'll have to be at our best to beat them, but it's game on. Twenty five years in the waiting, but the stars are in alignment. Healthy defense? Check. O-line looking better? Check. Jay looking top drawer? Check. Special teams in the house? Check.

Mr. Tice, Mr. Martz, and the Sideline Yoda Master Maranelli, I salute you. Battle of the century up next, and this is what it's all about. Our oldest rival standing between us and another run at Fatboy for the holiest of holies. Seventy years have passed since we last met the Fudgers in the Playoffs, beating them on our way to another NFL championship. Let's hope the outcome is the same. And you just know Maranelli has kept a couple of aces up his sleeve for Mr. Rodgers ...

Let them come.

There still won't be any respect after we dismiss the Fudgers in a Battle Royale at Soldier Field, and that's okay. Our speed defense will only be better against the Jets indoors in Dallas.

So let them come ...

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