The Bears Win!! The Best of the Seahawks Game Thread.

Jay, "Aaron, is that your cup or are you just happy to see me?"

Well, the Bears discovered what Lovie (and perhaps BearFan611) already knew, that revenge is a dish best served with poultry and a nice white zinfandel.   We dominated a team that many (yours truly included) felt had no place in the playoffs.  So we continue to be "the luckiest team on the face of the planet".  (Ya know, kinda the Lou Gehrig's of the NFL.)  Or at least that's the way the media will play it.  

Within 3 minutes of the end of the game the Bears were listed as 3 point dogs.  And I personally expect that number to climb.  And I hope it does.  And I hope the Bears pay some attention to it.  And feed off of it.  And their fans should too.  No one but us believes in the Bears.  Period.  Belief is a powerful thing.  A rabid fan base is a powerful thing as well.  And that is where I believe we hold the edge.  Many in this nation are "Packer fans" by proxy.  Love the popular team.  Love the small town guys going up against the big city boys.  The nation sees this as David vs. Goliath.  

Yet to them (the media-inflated Goliath Packers) are David and we (the completely under estimated Davids) are falsely perceived as the Goliaths in this matchup.  The fans with the most passion and fuel (not simple numbers) will drive their team the farthest.   Let's hope perception meets reality next week and may the best team play like it.  Now for the Best of Your In Game Comments.

Bit of pre-game commentary before "the crash"...

Arbusto:  I should have saved my errands for this 5 minutes I hate Frank Caliendo.


Bears-Cubs Bulls:  Guy is a scourge, needs to be beaten


Xtreme Spinach:  Agreed  Him and anyone who finds him funny


After "The crash" for the best typo....

ThorCo:  Wow, glad I can finally get on here Bear Bown


After the 1st TD catch....

the hellbilly:  I had a Joygasm

One explanation for the crash.....

Bear Fan in Germany:  Who the Hell let Dilfer get a membership? He sabotaged our server!


Just because I’ve never quite heard it described this was....

the hellbilly:  I like the look of murder in the eyes of the Bears D.  Sweet, unadulterated MURDER.


Because really, how cool is this?.....

Allie:  best part of the game so far? the jets from the fly over reached my house at exactly the same time as the Olsen TD.  Very cool.


Because you really do learn something new every day....

Cosmis:  Idonije is playing with calamitous intent!


In an entirely new category we have a nomination....

suckmyditka:  Tim Jennings gets my vote for "Come out of nowhere/ who the fiddle sticks (edit) is this guy" player of the year


After some concern with Urlacher disappearing into the locker room we get this.....

Maelvampyre:  Urlacher just had to replace his codpiece…for a larger one


Bear Fan in Germany:  Didn't know they made one larger than Elephant. Good to know.


After Maelvampyre revealed he was enjoying some tequila we get...

suckmyditka:  uh oh tequilla prepare to get really horny, very violent, pissed off, then very emotional. In that order. Good game friend


Dr. Handsome, DDS:  ... prepare to become a pregnant woman, in other words.


This stands alone, for it sums up how I felt exactly....

Bear Fan in Germany:  I may be drunk already but, Did Cutler just throw it away?


I’m going to be all cryptic and throw this one out there.  If you get it, then you get it....

ChiSoxRox:  That spider is a Bears fan.


Funny cause I had a similar conversation with the Fox crew....

CloudyFuture:  Just got off the phone with dilfer said this game doesnt count since seattle is bad…..The Bears are still officially 3 – 13 and he will not recognize them in the playoffs…..Already awarded the NFC title to green bay…..


While the game did have a "mythical" feel to it....

Bear Fan in Germany:  Forte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He can do it all ladies and gentleman, later he’ll be making snow angels that come to life guard Bear fans everywhere.


Bears-Cubs Bulls:  I heard he was taking tickets at the east gate before the game

and serving hot dogs.


I love the game thread for many reasons.  One is that I can throw things out there with no context what-so-ever.....

Spongie:  How would having "relations" with a horse get you into the game, though?


How we got from "Greg Olsen is a beast"  to this remains unclear.....

Maelvampyre:  an unneutered pit bull

Because it IS still funny.....

Gaak:  Lynch Total Yards: -2  LMAO


Like the reference, love the response....

Maelvampyre:  briggs layed the autumn sawmill on williams


Bears-Cubs Bulls:  yes he did I dont know what that means but sounds nasty


After a Saints fan (Whos married to a Bears fan) chimed in we get.....,

SaintsChick:  I'm committed all the way now....don't let me down ;)


Maelvampyre:  last time i heard that was on my honeymoon


I tried my best to convince them it was just them but....

Allie:  Anyone else getting a "you’re posting too often try later" error message?


Maelvampyre:  yes


Allie:  alright i thought WCG was just trying to tell me to stfu (stick to funny underwear (edit))


Maelvampyre:  it seems like they want short posts  long ones aren’t good (that’s not what she said – preemptively)


And then there’s this...

Gaak:  Martz Going Nuts  Lovie Dovie needs to tie him up and gag him at the half


Spongie:  I’d rather they left it until after the game before they engage in BDSM stuff.


I love "the goose" but this one even made me chortle.....

Neil Paine:  Always wondered, is it the heft or the smell of Siragusa that keeps him out of the booth?


Ya know, he may just surprise us, but this was funny...

EmmCee:  Tommie "Haley's Comet" Harris!!


They we’re thinking "Big Ten Inch Record" Allie, but I understand...

Allie:  idol looks somehow even worse than usual good lord. steven tyler in hd? what were people thinking?


Comment of the year for this poster.  I’m leaving it completely out of context.  It requires little...

CloudyFuture:  Yes correct…..Buck: "rodgers can beat you with his arm, his legs, his mind, his wang, his dog, his baby sitter, his fish, me, oh pick me aaron.."


And then we get this astute observation....

Syndor:  I wonder if Sheed knows he can use his arms to tackle with.


Maelvampyre:  he has arms?


Syndor:  Short little T-rex arms but yes.


For finding this gem and sharing it with us....

T.Moore:  from the seahawk blog  "Anytime you take a poopy (edit) and it takes less than 2 minutes: "The Hester Effect"


During a Seahawk injury (one of the several) we have this bit o’ sarcasm.....

FtWayneSoxFan:  How disrespectful of Jay to talk when someone is hurt.  Hopefully someone writes a 2,000 word article about it.


Because even Tillman deserves a break from the hilarious bashing he takes here...

BOBdaBEAR:  did he just use 'Charles Tillman" and "awesome" in the same sentence?  and now he used Tillman and shutdown in the same sentence. WOW.


CurtisEnisFan:  lol right.  Tillman is shut-down like Jay is a good interview.


After the WTF (Why the face?) half-back pass and for the WWE theme.....

Maelvampyre:  someone hit martz with a folding metal chair


I never noticed it before but, dang, you’re right.....

dakoose:  I love how Marinelli walks like a pirate.


Again, on a similiar note.....

Cutler6fan8:  on the Matt forte Pick  Cutler lined up wide…………..And didn’t move at all after the snap. coincidentally, he was wide open.


I said the same thing but with more swearing and sharper objects...

CloudyFuture:  If martz calls the wildcat again  I am hunting him down and beating him with my shoe…..


Because this still makes me smile....

DaHamsta:  But WOLFE is a beast


Maelvampyre:  a short beast


DaHamsta:  true But a beast nonetheless


Maelvampyre:  somewhat like a beastly dachshund


Ok, if you say so....

ThorCo:  You know whats the cherry on top of today  Mocking illiterate Packers fans on facebook


To start off the Packer smack talk we get this....

Dils:  Boy they are real cocky over at Acme Packing..  "Announcers are talking about the Bears as if they’re playing a team that actually belongs in the playoffs."  You would think they were division champs or something. I can’t wait until next week.


No academy awards tonight because this is the playoffs.  Let the accolades come later.  You all win when we all win. (Woah, that's really deep)  The Bears will continue to take media abuse and the Pack will have the entire week to bask in the glow.  Move shoulder forward and place said "chip" upon it.  I said it once before and I'll make it my mantra.  Bring it.  See you all next week. Oh, and as a man who went 4 for 4 in starting off each quarter's game thread, let me just say.... "Ladies and gentlemen, Bear Down!"   

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