Turf Has Big Effect On Sack Total



: The following post pretty much confirms what you already know. At least I think it does. You should read it anyways, though. It also had nothing to do with this picture, but it's a nice picture nonetheless.

    With all the discussion of the maligned turf at Soldier Field, I wanted to see if there were any noticable trends. While our home/road win/loss total was fairly close (5-3 at home, 6-2 away), our sack totals were skewed considerably more.

 Considering the Tampa Two is predicated on speed, specifically on creating a strong pass rush, I wanted to see how much of a difference there was between home and away sack totals. The numbers were pretty drastic. For all 16 regular season games, we had a total of 34 sacks (stats per ProFootballWeekly). Only 12 of those came while playing on our home turf.

   Our interception totals for the year were not impacted by this as much as I would have thought. The Bears managed to rack up 21 picks throughout the regular season, with 9 of them coming at home. This continues on with the same trend, though not quite as sharply as with the sack numbers (Sack rate 35%, INT rate 43% for home games).

   Obviously, the teams we played could have an effect on the numbers, so I took a look at those numbers as well. We definitely had some tough teams at home. After dropping the records of Carolina (away) and New England (home), as they were the two outliers, the teams we played on the road had a combined record of 27-37 for a 42% win rate, while the teams we played at home had a record of 34-30 for a 53% win rate.

   This shows a possible reason for the split differential favoring the away games, but I took it a step further and looked at the O-lines as well. Of the teams we played at home, three had offensive lines ranked in the top half of the league against the pass rush (numbers per Football Outsiders), while four of our road opponents fell into that category. So while our home opponents had a better combined record, our road opponents featured one more top-16 Pass Protect unit.

   So what does all this prove? Well, I think it kind of shows that the turf at Soldier Field sucks. Of course, I was already pretty sure that it sucked long before I went and did a bunch of stupid math at 3 AM, so I'm not sure this was the best use of my time. Or of yours, for the three of you who might actually make it through this nonsense. Sorry. Go Bears.  

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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