Seven Nation Army

     Couldn't hold me back from defending Jay Cutler and the Bears performance, but something about these debates from yesterday's debacle are still very concerning to me.  Oh, and an army that size would be the only way to force me to watch the Super Bowl.  No desire to see a stairway to seven or a green and gold championship belt. 

First off, MJD is a liar and a hypocrite.  Second, Deon should never question anyone's toughness, cause he would be the first to the sidelines with a torn MCL.  Two loser Seahawks bashing a QB that just torched your defense?  Stay gloomy, Seattle...   

Michael Wilbon from Espn (I hate referencing these losers), but he's a Bears fan and a Chicagoan.  He also never questioned Jay's toughness or the injury (thank God), but did question his talent level.  He pointed to two overthrows to Hester that he believed would've been TDs.  The only one I remember is the opening drive. 

Here he talks about how a former Bear was spying on Jay while "sulking" on the sideline.


One former Bears player who attended the game told me he put a pair of field glasses on Cutler the entire time to see if he was helping and Cutler did nothing. I have no reason to doubt the former player who told me this. And I have had one current Bears player tell me Cutler's pouting was far worse than any interception he threw, that he often goes to the end of the bench when upset and talks to nobody. What QB has ever been successful with that personality? Seriously. Seems to me his teammates were far more supportive of him, particularly Kreutz and Urlacher, than Cutler was of the backups.


This is in conflict with what Jeff Dickerson wrote in response to some meat cheesehead's question:



Mark (Milwaukee)


Being a long time Packers fan I have my views....injury, no injury...Cutler has no heart!!!...The one thing that stood out the most for me...was he wasn't help his teammate out...he just sat there with that glazed look on his face...when you'd think he'd be helping out him some advice.

Jeff Dickerson   (12:21 PM)


I think people would agree I'm not the biggest Cutler fan, but be fair, you only saw what TV showed you. Cutler did in fact talk with Hanie on the sidelines on multiple occasions. It just wants shown by FOX.


I guess this is what happens when you see what you want to see.  Different opinions from a different set of eyes.  Either way, Jay doesn't seem to be portrayed fairly anyway you slice it. 



Logan (Iowa)



I never heard the reason for the timeout prior to the end around appeared they had the right call made and it was going to be a big gain..all i know is Lovie has a history of calling ill-advised timeouts..Do you know why it was called?

Jeff Dickerson   (12:26 PM)


Hanie couldn't hear the Martz call in his headset (the Bennett end around, so he changed things up and the line and they ran the Forte play - which worked. Martz, however, called timeout right before the snap. He then called the bad Bennett end around a second time, the Bears ran it and Green Bay blew it up.


This truly pisses me off, because it shows me Martz was out-witted by our third-string QB.  Yet, he failed to realize that Hanie was leaps and bounds better than Collins.  In fact, there are probably 32 second-string and 32 third-string QBs better than old Todd.  This play call prevented the Bears from possibly taking the game to OT and an improbable comeback win. 

That's all I really have to say.  I needed to vent a little bit after the emotional, chaotic loss and after-drama.  I'll finish my scatterbrain post by listing my top-ten needs for the Bears in '11.  One of them isn't a new OC, but Martz came really close to getting himself fired after a mediocre game plan and one inexplicable play-call. 


1.  OT- Omiyale got pushed around all game by Jenkins and company.

2.  LG- Williams sucks; please see Jenkins and Raji dominate the Bears left side.

3.  WR- Jay is in dire need of a big-bodied receiver who will "go up and get it." 

4.  DT- Harris will most likely be cut, and for good reason. 

5.  C- Kreutz will probably be resigned, but his replacement should be drafted in April.

6.  CB- Marinelli needs some depth in the secondary.  Maybe a hybrid CB/FS?

7.  Lovie Smith- please take a coaching management class titled "when not to call a timeout or not challenge a    play."

8.  Jerry Angelo- find some sort of continuity and consistency in evaluating talent.  If not, this team won't make it back to the playoffs.

9.  Please, pretty please, install a field turf!  Your team is predicated on speed....lots of it.

10.  Get the best publicist for Jay Cutler.  Like most fans, I don't care about his facial expressions or mannerisms, but he's in need of some refinement in front of the cameras.          


Please, let me know what your top-ten is.  Please cite notes, and be as sarcastic as possible.  Solidarity people....Go Bears!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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