No More Knee Talk!! Here's the Best of the Chicago Bears in Game Thread.

Well.  Yes.  I almost didn't post one of these.  It didn't really feel right to be jovial or mirthful right after a bitter disappointment.  But then I realized if I don't post this the Packers beat more than just my Bears.  They would have beaten my sense of continuity, my esprit de corps (for you Spongie), my freakin' mojo, as it were.  I am not about to let any football team beat the mojo out of me.  Even in a loss you guys had your moments.  And although this one's short it has more than a few gems.  Thanks for letting me do these this season folks.  Its been a heck of a job.  Any clues what I should do next?  (please be kind)  And congratulations to the Chicago Bears on a fantastic season.  Ladies and gentlemen, Bear Down!  But enough of my crap, let's go read yours....

Unedited is always best....


Bears Fan in Germany:  Tom Jackson just swallowed Roger's entire scrotum section.


the hellbilly:  I can't wait to see Buck and Aikman fight over who gets to praise Rodgers first

Buck- "Troy, did you know that Rodgers was at an animal shelter until 4 a.m. this morning bottle feeding orphaned kittens?"

Aikman- "As a matter of fact, Joe, I did know that. Rodgers is the only man since Jesus who can walk on water, too."

Buck- "If a leper catches a pass from Rodgers, he’s immediately cured."

Aikman- "That’s right, Joe. As a matter of fact, I heard that Rodgers is the only man that Chuck Norris is afraid to fight."

Buck- "There isn’t a more tremendous human being alive right now, Troy. I’m in awe that we mortals can look directly at Aaron and not be stricken blind. We don’t deserve to behold such perfection."


neverAcquiesce:  Let Urlacher sacrifice him.  Rodgers can arise in three days wondering what happened.


Because ewww.....


Bear Fan in Germany:  I think Buck and Aikman are holding hands


emdub:  You can't see their hands, true.  But they’re not holding hands. They’re holding something else.


Because he found a way to put what we’ve all thought into words...


Bear Fan in Germany:  Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem in anticipation of JIm Corneilson singing it at Soldier Field


Fine catch here Sir....


Cosmis:  "Aaron Rodgers loves it with guys in his face"- Joe Buck


No reference but it was almost a theme....


Allie:  its 3 seconds into the second quarter of a 1 score game you’re either a wuss or a moron or a troll.



I read this (2nd QT thread) and laughed out loud (see you CAN type that out)....


DaHamsta:  WHAT THE HELL!!!!!  I though the game started at 4!!!!


From a Viking fan we get this nice bit....


Solafide:  The Pack doesn't commit penalties, the refs just stare at Rogers in AWE!!!

For the sheer random nature of it all and for being our best Irish poster.....

Spongie:  Big hairy donkey bollocks




Spongie:  I actually have that policy for my lovelife: terrible experience, would not try again. Yet, I return to watch my Bears game after game. From this, I can only conclude that I love the Bears more… though in theory that means I love 53 large men (ok, 52 plus Garrett Wolfe) and a large building.


Great response, truly....


Juperee:  My sweet kitty cat is trying to lie down on my keyboard  Might have to sign off soon. Or maybe I should see if she has an opinion on the game…


Spongie:  Let us know if she takes a dump on your keyboard…


Yes.  Thank you ladies (and my good friend maelvampyre).  Indeed....


Allie:  i don't know who lee dewyze is but (you really don’t want an edit) me in the ear. that was almost as bad as the first half.  he sucks


Juperee:  I don't even know that he's THAT useful...


Maelvampyre:  the only worse thing would have been if he had a wardrobe malfunction

Following with the general tone of the game.....

Allie:  hey look 8 seconds in a row where nothing poopy (edit) happened!


This is something I think we’d all jump on if it would’ve worked (no offense Joe)....


JoeCB1991:I would rather bash my nuts with a sledgehammer than see Todd Collins play


Spongie:  I concur I, too, would rather bash JoeCB1991’s nuts with a sledgehammer than see Todd Collins play. Form an orderly queue!


As T-Train said, it was a great analogy....


Allie:  if getting kicked in the balls feels anything like seeing a great INT return nullfied by collins trotting onto the field… i’m glad i’m a girl. what a gosh darned (edit) awful feeling.


Another great analogy by the man himself followed by the ZING!...


T-Train:  Buck would be easier to understand if he took rogers jock out of his mouth….


CloudyFuture:  I dont think thats his jock…..


This one makes me laugh harder every time I read it....


garyfencikrapping:  how is todd collins employed?


Maelvampyre:  he's performed oral sex on Virginia McCaskey

As part of the "Wanda" finale (god I’ll miss you baby).....

Maelvampyre:  i have punted Wanda more times that the Bears have punted during this debacle

Because Todd Collins has about as much talent as your average WCG’er....

DisCUBobulated:  Collins really needs to get his throws up.. It’s making it really hard for the packers DB’s to catch the ball..


I might be falling in love with you (don’t tell my wife)....


Juperee:  I am a Bears fan today and I will be a Bears fan tomorrow. I hereby pledge that I will wear my Bears jersey tomorrow at work (in Minnesota) to illustrate that a Bears fan is a fan for life, not a fairweather fan. (I might have to kill the Steelers fan a few cubes down from me, but whatevs.)


Because I love typos and my answer is, I hope neither.....


garyfencikeapping:  hanie or cutler in the super bowel? discuss

This is,.... interesting....

T.Moore:  He would be the best backup QB ever if he does this


Juperee:  What about that Tom Brady guy?  He was pretty good before his sex change operation last year.


You two never fail to get to me, are you available for parties?...


Allie:  Hania!


Maelvampyre:  Ca-labia!! wait, that does not sound right


After the tragic pick 6 we get this....


Maelvampyre:  wanda just went into the guacamole face first

There was  a lot of this, but you owned up to it note both poster and comment....


I love the vitriol....

Juperee:  No, Cutler hurt his knee while putting his foot up Martz's hoohoo (edit) to shut him up.  That’s taking one for the team, my friends.


And this....


Juperee:  What does it mean when your left hand tingles and there's a sharp pain in your shoulder? There’s some tightness in my chest, too. Is that bad?


Spongie:  You need more scotch?


That’s them for this one folks.  Academy awards for all the regulars (you know who you are). It has been one hell of a ride this year and it’s been awfully fun putting these posts together every week.  Join me next week for.... I have no freaking clue what I’ll post next week.  Probably something inane and trivial.  I’m out of ideas for now.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for the year.

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