Did the Bears Play in a Meaningless Game? Definitely. Was it a Meaningless Thread? Almost. Except for the Best of Your Comments!!!

It all comes down to this.  This game meant everything.  It could make or break an entire season.  It was the single most important game for the Packers this year.  To the Bears this was a scrimmage.  We tried to win.  We kept our starters in for the whole game.  But don't you think somewhere in the back of every players mind was "don't get hurt" ?  Do you think we really game planned for this?  I hope to god we didn't.  This offense was beyond bland and Mike Martz seemed intent on testing every passing package he could put into the game while keeping it fairly predictable and pedantic.  Maybe Lovie needs to sit him down for another "come to Jesus" meeting but I think this was the plan all along.  Keep it simple, keep it predictable, stay healthy, but try to win.  This is by far the shortest "best of' of the year.  Not sure why but I'm coming to believe that the game on the field is reflected in the comments section.  We didn't seem to have it either.  Not to say there weren't any gems cause I found a few but some of our most stalwart  posters took the night off because even they knew this game had no "real" value to this team.  And then the game ended and the trolls came in and ruined the 4th quarter game thread almost completely.  But enough of my crap. Here's the best of your crap....


We literally start the thread with this....


ThorCO:  I rooster (edit) block prevent the first


Because a misspelled word/typo can lead to soooo much fun.....


Patriotbball5460:  Commentators of NO-TB Game Acting like this is Brian Bilick’s swang song


Kev H:  Or his thong song.

Some replies are just worth it, plus I hear this with the accent....

T.Moore:  FUdge (edit) YOU ASSELBECK!


ThorCo:  British now? Alrighty chap


Because we missed you (by we I mean Wanda and me)....


Spongie:  Woot My first Bears game since the NE travesty (couldn’t stay up for the Vikes game and didn’t have net access over Xmas for the Jets game). Also, my first opportunity to say "Fiddle sticks (edit)" since that loss to the Patriots. It was used a lot that night, as I recall.


I’m just gonna leave this one out there and see what you guys really think....


VegasCubFan:  Shut up BUCK, just SHUT UP

Followed by.....

Urbanfury:  St. Louis Cardinals fan AND Packer fan? Not sure I could hate the guy more if I tried.


After the first turnover we have this little diatribe....


Man G:  who was it that caused fumble?


Gaak:  Aaron Rodgers


VegasCubFan:  he was checking the Giants score


Spongie:  DJ Moore.  Ditka.


Again with the snappy comebacks....


Gaak:  Hi My Name Is Buck And I Like To...


suckmyditka:  poop (edit) pancakes


Gaak:  That Doesn't Rhyme

Because proper use of the term will almost always land you here we have...

MPG:  what the hell? The announcers are FELLATING the Packers. Jesus. It’s like a Buck love fest.


awfullyquiet:  Pretty Much. The Buckster is the Consummate Rodgers Fellator.

Because I love the phrase "ass clowns"....

the hellbilly:  You can hear how much it hurts Aikman and Buck to acknowledge

any accomplishment by the Bears. These two ass clowns should be relegated to announcing the icecapades.


If you ask the question you should anticipate the answers....


Gaak:  How's Rodger's Head?



the hellbilly:  Misshapen


MidWayMonster54:  Its up Joe Bucks butt ....


VegasCubFan:  onion shaped?


More with the Joe Buck lovefest and because no squirrel should ever feel safe...

Johnathan Thompson:  I'm going to shove a lit squirrel up his nose (edit)

And later....

Joe Banks:  What's the difference between a Brown-Noser and an Butt (edit)-Kisser? Depth perception

Because it’s funny and about as National Enquirer as WCG will get...

Chitownproduct:  I love how Forte is hitting holes now


suckmyditka:  So does his girlfriend


Spongie:  I believe that was the problem; his now ex-fiancee found out.


Succinct yet sums up what many of us were thinking...


Johnathan Thompson:  Holy Sheed

When we took the lead we got this one....

suckmyditka:  This just shows you that even when the Bears have nothing to play for

They are still better than the Packers


If you keep lobbing them up there even a Brit can hit a home run...


Johnathan Thompson:  Where are the womenz?


Maelvampyre:  right here riveted to the game


Spongie:  "The Game" better not be the name you give to your junk…


Because I hate Vick for all the right reasons....


T.Moore:  Rodgers aint gonna do that vick bullspit (edit) on us.


Spongie:  He can’t. I don’t own a dog…..


For the Wanda update I could have gone without...


Bears-Cubs Bulls:  Defense looking tight


Johnathan Thompson:  So is Wanda.  Too soon?


Maelvampyre:  not so much after new years.

After some began pointing out that Jay may be calling out the O-line we have...

Spongie:  Rodgers would go up to his team and start doing his pelvic thrusts at them.


Don’t hold back.  Tell us how you really feel....


the hellbilly:  I really want to urinate in Frank Omiyale’s water bottle


For going for it on 4th down and for a new adverb we get....


gafferland:  I liked that call. Belichikian. Let’s show em it doesn’t matter


This made me chortle.  I give you Captain Obvious who obviously "gets it".....


BearNecessities:  we need points!


CloudyFuture:  This made me laugh some bizarre reason….


BearNecessities:  you'd think it was rocket science

He didn’t have his best game, that’s for sure....

BearNecessities:  well it certainly appears, the only thing knox is catching from this game, is a cold


This exchange made me chuckle as it happened (not me playing, my friend)....


Cosmis:  Tommie Harris sighting! DRINK


BearNecessities:  if you're playing that drinking game you’re sober a lot


Followed by...


EmmCee:  He's the football version of Haley's comet He only shows up once every 75 plays or so




gafferland:  Tommie who?


Maelvampyre:  hilfiger


FtWayneSoxFan:  The old "lay on the ground and wait for the QB" trick.


gafferland:  Worked for Jessica Simpson

Because it is the absolute truth (not the Joe Banks is Cutty’s mom)....

Joe Banks:  Dear Jay, please learn when to throw it away  Love, Mom


Thanks for the visual.....


the hellbilly:  I hope Virginia McCaskey beats Lovie with her cane after the game.


I love the (over?) reactions to the botched time out....


Juperee:  Lovie sucks. No more excuses.  He’s useless at the sidelines. When he stand there motionless, at least you can credit him with benign neglect. But calling a timeout that negates a 1st down is clueless at best, criminal at worst. Done. Done. Done.


BearNecessities:  translation: contract extension

Because it had to be asked and in case you’re wondering WCG has no cash...

gafferland:  Is there some WCG cash prize for most ridiculous overreaction that I'm not aware of? If not, what going on here?  I can watch the 11-4 NFC North champs without tearing out my hair or pooing (edit) my pants. We’re down by 7. Wring out your panties.


Because it’s a typo that just works with the reply.....


T.Moore:  And all rathional thinking is out of the window


DocPepper:  Internet lisp!

Because this exchange amuses me as much now as it did then....

LostinStl:  Here's a hint....  sit Knox for the REST of the game! He is NOT a catching WR. He’s ONLY a speed guy!


suckmyditka:  how can someone not be a "catching" reciever?


BearNecessities:  have you watched this game? knox defines how to not catch a ball


I know we’re not supposed to laugh when someone wishes harm on a player but...


the hellbilly:  I hope Jay breaks out the tire iron on the sidelines and beats the holy dumb forrest (edit) out of his O line.


Thanks for the shot of optimism and unique perspective....


Chanman25:  Well, the last time we were in the playoffs and lost to Green Bay in the last week, We went to the Superbowl.


Best with no context what so ever, which makes it one of my favorites....


BearNecessities:  All part of Lovie's plan to have a confusing press conference


8 targets, 0 catches.  You may be right....


Joe Banks:  Knox could sign an endorsement deal with Teflon today



That's them for this week folks.  With the bye week next week look for me to attempt to do something really clever and amusing and then fail completely or have something lame and boring instead.  Either way the regular season has been a regular pleasure and I look forward to 3 more wins.  BEAR DOWN!!!

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