My look back on the 2010 Regular Season

Its been a hell of a season, some ups and downs but, mostly ups. I did a bit a review of the season for our Bears.  It’s a bit long but I hope you like it!

Preseason- Are you kidding me? With all the new acquisition and coaches we lay a goose egg? Yes preseason doesn’t matter but would that be a omen to what the season would look like? With the Packers and Vikings coming off impressive campaigns and the lions rapidly improving many thought this meant the Bears were headed for 4th place.

After the Jump we see what the regular season had in store!


Week 1- We finally got to see the Martzfense and Julius peppers in action. Peppers had a sack, fumble and the Bears offense seemed to be inconsistent till the end when Jay Cutler threw the game winner to Forte who had a career day. Then it seemed it was all taken by the catch, but then it wasn’t. Folks, Lady Luck is a Bears fan.

Mama, he a bad man.



Week 2- We cant go in and win in Dallas? Wrong. Great game as a team, Cutler 3tds, Olsen running all over the defense and Dj Moore with 2 picks. This game was touted as a Dallas loss more than a Bears win but anyone who watched this game saw the beating the bears defense put on.

Week 3- A must win game, in week 3? You better believe both teams came in at 2-0 and the winner got sole possessing of the NFC north lead. The Bears won and never relinquished the lead. This game marked the return of the "baddest man on the planet" taking back another punt for a td. Followed by Brian Urlacher forcing a fumble late for Cutle to lead us to a win. I was so pumped after this win!





Week 4- 3-0 vs a struggling giants team was not what it looked like on paper. 9 first half sacks, 10 sacks total, 2 qbs knocked out. Many began the " I told you so’s" about the bears. This game was a train wreck and we all just hoped Cutler was not seriously injured.



Week 5-  No cutler? No problem…..well it was Carolina. Matt Forte had a huge game and Todd Collins appeared to be the Qb playing with a head injury throwing 6 passes to the bears and 4 to the panthers….im happy we got the win.

Week 6- Cutler was back threw no picks and no ints but just happened to look off. The bears were without Lance Briggs and could not tackle Lynch throughout the game. Even a late game return td from hester wasn’t enough. A very tough loss at home.

Week 7- Bears had a chance to redeem themselves and couldn’t do it. The game was given to the ‘Skins due to 4 ints by Jay. Moore had a great game and should have had 2 pick six’s had the referees known what they were doing. He threw a quarter of his ints in this game. Despite the turnovers the bears had a chance until the very end but once again dropped another close one in front of the faithful.

Week 8- Bye week- 3-0 felt like ages ago and the bears had dropped 3 of 4. Historically Lovie’s record after the bye is less than stellar and this coupled with O-line becoming known as the LOL line seemed to spell doom for the long haul.

Week 9- Struggling team’s best remedy? Play the Buffalo Bills! Buffalo had given numerous teams fits in recent weeks and was going to be no pushover. This was the first game where we saw "Mad Mike" become "Modest Mike" the pass/run ratio became more and more balanced. This was also the first game where we saw Jay Cutler run more and the team finally was able to convert 3rd downs. This led to a much-needed win after the bye.

Week 10- Minnesota coming to town and at this point still in the NFC north picture, we gave up a td to Harvin early but after that we BEAREDDOWN and kept the vikes in check. The 3rd conversion trend continued once again and the defense was finally able to slow down Adrian Peterson at Solider Field and had now won 2 straight after the bye.

Week 11-  Short week to prepare to go in and face a good Miami squad who was down to their 3rd string QB. Traditionally this would spell disaster for the Bears as Lovie and his staff usually wouldn’t know an adjustment if Julius Peppers slapped them with one. The offense didn’t screw it up and the defense pitched its first shutout in 4 years and the Bears beat their second team with a winning record.  3 in a row for DA BEARZ

Week 12- Game of the year. Philly this, Philly that, those idiots from BGN talking all that non sense about Philly. What happened? The Bears flat out kick them out of the stadium. Cutler played flawless with 4tds (3 in the first half) andengineered a magnificent drive in the 3rd quarter where Philly had the ball as long as DA has had it this season. Matt Forte was running all over the place. The defense also held its own, Mighty Mike Vick was sacked 4 times, fumbled 4 times and threw his first INT. This game showed the nation how good that team in Chicago was.



Week 13-  Let down? Almost! Coming off the big win, we went to Detroit to play a Lions team that wanted revenge for their week one loss. Lions kept it close but in the end the Bears pulled through and made it 5 in a row.

Week 14- Super Bowl preview is what many called this game, and hey get this many people gave us a shot, hell some even thought we would win. We faced the best team, coach and QB in the league and they came into our house and kicked our ass. No excuses they were ready, we weren’t. This loss was a slap in the face that all of us needed but didn’t want.

Week 15- After the embarrassing loss at home to the pats the Bears could now win the division  in the cold in a rare outdoor road game against the Vikings. It was snowing and Dilfer was hating and we were STOMPING. Hester breaks the record and shows why Desean Jackson is not on his level. Great response after the loss to the Patriots in what may be the last time we get to beat old man Favre.

Week 16- Jets came to down and in what was suppose to be a defensive struggle turned into a old western shoot out. After blowing an early 10-0 lead to a Cutler pick six it looked like the Jets would have their way. Jay Cutler had one of his games of the year with 4 total tds and a great game against a good Jets Defense. Forte showed up huge and was the first RB to gain a 100 yards on the Jets. Another big win for the Bears beating their 3rd playoff bound team.



Week 17- We had nothing to play for except for knocking Green Bay out of the playoffs and Lovie did the right thing and we were for a very entertaing batte with our hated foes. We didn’t win the game but we made Green Bay earn it and their explosive offense could only muster 10 points.


11 wins was a fun thing to watch and I was happy to spend it with the wonderful people at WCG.

What was your favorite part of the season?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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