Grading the Bears Pitiful Performance

For those of you that had the same misfortune as I to sit and watch a pitiful 3 hours of Chicago Bears football, there will be no surprises here. Lets start with the good, because it only gets worse as you go on.


Quarterback- B- I would really like to give Cutler an A here for pure effort. I'm still amazed at some of the plays he was able to make with absolutely no help. He consistently avoided 4 blue jerseys in the backfield and kept us in range for most of the game. People wonder why Cutler always looks disgruntled on the sideline, but who can blame him? He never gets a chance to set his feet and throw, and the penalties keep forcing him to make plays with 3 and 10 plus. 


Running Backs- C+- Even though Matt Forte had a couple of nice runs, a failed 3 and 1....and 4th and 1 hurt the offense early on. Anyone seen Marion Barber lately???


Wide Receivers-C- Had some decent plays but not enough to keep a rhythm going. You can argue any wide receiver corps would struggle to produce when routes aren't allowed to develop. Hester dropped a potential touchdown that would have really helped early on in the game and Roy Williams once again was a non factor. 


Tight Ends-D- Kellen Davis had a nice touchdown grab inside the redzone, but it won't make up for the 3 or 4 false starts he had. Man I miss Greg Olsen, yeah he couldn't block very good but at least he was good at something! Matt Spaeth will be the next Brandon Manumale.....i forget your name you were so bad. 


Offensive Line-G- Yeah your not misreading that and it surely wasn't a typo. They don't even deserve a grade of F, they deserve a capital G for Garbage. 9 false starts, a couple of bad sacks, and at least 15 quarterback hits on Jay Cutler. Can someone please tell me why Frank Omyale is on this team...yet alone in the NFL? I don't want this guy to play another snap with the 1st string offense and priority number 1 in the offseason is dumping this guy. JaMarcus Webb also had a disappointing night quieting all the talk about how great of a game he had last week. How can Jerry Angelo sit there and tell us that nobody did more to address their awful offensive line than the bears? Absolute lie. Even Roberto Garza didn't look very good....this line could potentially be the worst 5 in NFL history. I'm sorry Jay.


Defensive Line-F- 1 sack and that's about it. Blown off the ball all night and proved to have weak depth along the front. Izzy turned in the best game amongst the group, but that's really not saying much. Where was AA all night? I've never seen interior lineman from the Bears get blown out of holes like we did tonight. Last thought on the defensive line, where the heck is Stephen Paea?? 2nd round pick and can't even dress? He HAS to be better than Nick Reed on the edge even though he's a DT. Reed never even got close enough to sniff Matthew Stafford.


Linebackers-D-Brian I love you, but ya got your butt kicked tonight. On the 88 yard touchdown run which was truly the back breaker of the game. Urlacher just retreated from the middle of the field and abandoned his job...but you've given us 10 great years so I'll throw you a bone. Didn't keep a tab on Nick Roach tonight so if anyone can tell me what he did, that would be great. Lance Briggs talked all week about how important of a game this was and I don't think anyone was more devastated than him. Had a decent game but he deserves a lot of the blame for several huge runs. 

Cornerbacks-C-Other than the Calvin Johnson TD, which really wasn't even Peanuts fault, they didn't play bad. Tim Jennings got lucky tonight with a couple of errant throws by Stafford that missed wide open Receivers that Jennings failed to keep up with. They don't call him Megatron for nothing and overall Tillman didn't do too terrible; even though the numbers say different. I wonder if DJ Moore could be a starter? The guy has a knack for making plays and this defense could use more of them. 

Safetys-F- I was one of the Bears fans who was ecstatic about the signing of Brandon Merriweather, but now I know why the  Patriots let the guy go. He takes bad angles and can't cover a cough. Chris Harris, like Urlacher, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. It was obvious Chris was still injured and I applaud him for trying to step up in a big game and get back on the field. The truth is he just wasn't the same getting burned on a long TD and failing to come up in the box and make tackles. Harris will be fine moving forward, but I'm really curious where we go with our other safety. I'm not so sure Wright isn't better than Brandon.

Special Teams-C+-Devin couldn't capture the magic tonight and I'm not faulting him at all. The Lions coverage unit did a great job staying in their lanes and made tackles before Hester could get a break. The only thing I didn't like was Hester's out of bounds catch at the 8....but too be honest that guy is allowed to have a bad return once in awhile. I like Adam Podlesh, strong leg and nice hangtime. 

Coaching-D- I could easily give them an F here, but I like and respect Lovie too much. It didn't seem like he had the team together in terms of awareness. Way too many mental mistakes that should have been cleaned up at halftime. Martz actually called a decent game but the offensive line plagued what he wanted to do all night. When you consistently get into 3 and 10 +, they playbook becomes very light. 

Well I for one am sorely disappointed. The only person worse the Frank OMG I can't block was Jerry Angelo. He continues to draft poorly and the lack of talent on the field is obvious. I'm not saying Cutler could be a Rodgers or Brees, but if he had a decent...not good.....but decent offensive line and one legitimate receiver he would be just fine. Instead we get 1 catch for 11 yards Roy Williams? I can't continue to support this guy anymore, too many failed draft picks and our window of opportunity is all but closed. What about you guys? What was the worst part about watching this game tonight?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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