Believe: Week 7, Bears At Buccaneers (In London) - Pre-Party Open Thread

I am hiding from some beast but the beast was always here / 
watching without eyes because the beast is just my fear / 
that I'm just nothing, now it's just what I've become


Not too often will I get lyrical, so don't worry, after today I'm pretty sure I'll be considered safe to read again. But A) I needed something to break up the million-thousand London Calling references this week, and B) for some reason The Bravery just fit with this week.

After all, the Bears are 3-3, they've gotten whacked by some really solid teams (this just in, New Orleans, Green Bay and Detroit are pretty good teams), and they've shown they're good enough to... beat a .500 Atlanta team and an awful Minnesota team. So are the Bears good, or are they just good enough?

We'll find out a little more about the Bears today. They roll into London to face the Buccaneers who came on strong last year with a ten-win season and have thus far roared out of the gates at 4-2 and coming off a Drew Brees interception to seal a 26-20 win over the Saints. A win today for the Bears puts the team at 4-3 and keeps their playoff hopes alive, while a loss puts them at 3-4, and behind the wrecking balls that have been Green Bay and Detroit, the hole might be getting too deep.

Given last season's trip to the NFC Championship Game, anything less than a playoff berth this year could be considered nothing, at least in my eyes, but I'm not ready to write this thing off yet, especially if the Bears get the win today.

So give me something to believe.

I promise I'm done waxing lyrical and stupid. Well, maybe not the stupid part. Gameday-related linkage after the jump.

ESPN Game Preview

Lovie Smith doesn't believe flying in late could be a problem.

Apparently Earl Bennett makes Jay Cutler better. Which is good, because apparently the quarterback is a key player in the offense. Who knew?

Matt Bowen believes Chris Conte should be blitzing Freeman. Complete with X's and O's.

Forte countdown - 92 yards today, and he becomes the first player in seven years to notch 1000 yards from scrimmage in the first seven games. 

ESPNChicago's dig into the game.

Good. Lord. No. Please. No. I'd say we're done here.

LeGarrette Blount is officially out.

Gameday procedure today, first gamethread will pop at 1 ET/ noon CT. AKA Kickoff.  Each quarter thread will pop as needed. The recap will be up shortly after the game ends, and you'll get your late games/SNF thread later on.

Now that the propers are out of the way, Bear Down!

Chicago Bears Fight Song (via scifiradioguy)

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