Thoughts From NFL Week 7: Chicago Bears and beyond

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 23: Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos passes against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The 7th Sunday of the NFL season is history, and is there a better story going on right now than Timmy?  I could go on and on about Tebowmania, but that may alienate some of the regular readers around these parts, so I'll quell my urges and limit my post to a single Tim Tebow thought. 

There was some interesting games yesterday, so it's on to my Thoughts!

1)  I can't believe the Chargers gave up 17 unanswered second half points to Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

2)  I think it's safe to say the Titans aren't that good of a team.  Chris Johnson may not get 1000 yards on the ground this year.

3)  OK, I tried to hold off on my Tebow thought til later, but here goes...  After starting the day 4-14 for 40 yards passing he ended up 13-27 for 161 yards and 2 TD.  He added 65 yards on the ground.  And led his team back after trailing 15-0.  I can't explain it, but he finds a way to win.  The Broncos are better off with him starting, and they will be relevant again with a couple good drafts.

4)  I've seen Carson Palmer getting ripped for his Raider debut in a few places, and that's really unfair.  He's a solid NFL QB, but after many months of inactivity, new teammates, and a new offense to digest, did anyone expect him to step in and be successful?

5)  Uh-oh Lions fans, I wonder if any concerns are setting in with Matthew Stafford going down again.  Is it an ankle injury, a knee injury, or both?

6)  I had no idea the Indians were playing the Mariners.  A 6-3 NFL score in 2011 with most offense's going crazy must mean the Browns and Seahawks are really, really, bad.

7)  And speaking of really, really, bad.  The Colts should find a way to shut down all their important vets for the remainder of the '11 season.  That team is playing for nothing except the #1 overall draft pick. 

8)  Staying with that game for one more, Drew Brees shredded the Colt D for a Maddenesque 31-35, 325, and 5 TD.  That is video game ridiculous.

9)  I want to know what genius had DeMarco Murray starting on their fantasy team.  I know some outside the box thinker had to have him playing this week.  Murray had the greatest single rushing game in Cowboys history, a history that includes Emmit Smith and Tony Dorsett. 

10)  Pay Matt Forte.  He's on a historic pace, and he's an actual, real life, good draft pick by Bears GM Jerry Angelo.

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