Week 8: NFC Wild Card Watch

The Bears have done it! If the playoffs started today--they'd have a Wild Card spot. Congratulations, Chicago, you've earned it.

Kidding aside, there was a lot of change in the top 10 of the NFC this week, and the Bears made some big strides while across the pond.

Let's hit the jump where we'll take a look at the top 10 this week, and what the big changes were. We also look at why a win over the Buccaneers is huge, if the playoffs started today, and the rooting interests for the bye week.

Rank(Prev) Team W L T Pct Div Conf
Streak Last 5
1 (1) Green Bay Packers 7 0 0 1.000 2-0 6-0
7W 5-0
2 (2) San Francisco 49ers 5 1 0 .833 1-0 4-1
4W 4-1
3 (6) New Orleans Saints 5 2 0 .714 1-1 2-2
1W 4-1
4 (3) Detroit Lions 5 2 0 .714 2-0 4-2
2L 3-2
5 (5) New York Giants 4 2 0 .667 1-1 3-2
1W 4-1
6 (8) Chicago Bears 4 3 0 .571 1-2 4-3
2W 3-2
7 (4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 3 0 .571 2-0 3-3
1L 3-2
8 (9) Atlanta Falcons 4 3 0 .571 1-1 3-3
2W 3-2
9 (10) Dallas Cowboys 3 3 0 .500 1-0 3-1
1W 3-2
10 (7) Washington Redskins 3 3 0 .500 1-2 3-3
2L 2-3


Well what a difference a week makes. New Orleans makes the jump to own the South, and the Bears claw their way into the top 6. The Redskins drop big after a hot start, and are in danger of falling out of the top 10.

The most important thing, though, is the tiebreaker that the Bears just picked up against the Buccaneers, as that's what's catapulted them into the top 6. This will keep them just ahead of the Bucs and Falcons, should they keep the same records for most of the rest of the season. 


Division Winners
NFC North - Green Bay Packers (#1 Seed)
NFC East - New York GIants (#4 Seed)
NFC South - New Orleans Saints (#3 Seed)
NFC West - San Francisco 49ers (#2 Seed)

Wild Card Winners
Detroit Lions (#5 Seed)
Chicago Bears (#6 Seed)

Week 8 Best Case Scenarios

The Bears don't play, so we don't have to worry about them losing their game this week. There are, however, several games being played by teams who are ahead of the Bears. Preferred winners in BOLD

New Orleans at St. Louis
Miami at New York Giants
Detroit at Denver
 at San Francisco

Another match-up to keep an eye on: Dallas at Philly. Dallas has a chance to move to the same level as the Bears at 4-3. Philly is the Bears opponent after the bye--no sense in them getting on a hot streak.

Week 8 will help sort some things out. In a perfect world, the Bears will be able to assert their place in the conference. Until then...enjoy the NFL, kids.

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