NFL Week 8 Thoughts & Halloween Costume Ideas

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 30: Cheerleaders for the Tennessee Titans dressed in halloween costumes for the NFL game against the Indianapolis Colts at LP Field on October 30, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It's always an interesting Sunday of football when the Bears have their bye week.  At noon I was blessed to have the Giants and Dolphins on my CBS feed, and there was no FOX game available.  What to watch...  The afternoon games available in my area featured the riveting Detroit at Denver contest and the Patriots in Pittsburgh.  At least one was a decent game.  I'll admit I was hoping Tebowmania would run wild on the Lions, but the Chris Harris effect was to strong to overcome.  On to my thoughts...

1)  Is Seahawks head coach Pete Carrol going through manopause?  He blamed hormones on his play calling. 

2)  I'm stealing this one from sports radio this morning;  How bad is Tim Tebow if he couldn't carve up the Lions secondary?

3)  Did you see the Lions Stephen Tulloch sack Tebow then drop down and "Tebow" him?  Hilarious!

4)  Adrian Peterson is the funnest back to watch in the NFL.

5)  And Chris Johnson is the most disappointing back in the NFL.  Holdout backs that end up getting paid rarely have good seasons.

6)  I thought Cam Newton wouldn't be able to play this way in the NFL?  Yet another example of scouts over analyzing.


I'm having an abbreviated version of Thoughts this week, as I'm in the holiday spirit and want to help some of you out that are still searching for that perfect costume.

Last minute NFL Halloween Costume Ideas:
For a little fun, see if you can guess each costume...

  • Wear a San Francisco 49ers fleece pullover and hat, then every time you shake someones hand do it forcefully, and add an overexuberent back-slap.
  • Get a mountain man beard, print up a Harvard diploma, and place a very thick wallet in your pocket.
  • Put on a Department Of Corrections jumpsuit.
  • Put on a suit, a large Super Bowl ring, sit behind an ESPN desk, and take shots at Jay Cutler every chance you get.
  • A white wig, glasses, a faulty Motorola headset, a mad scientist lab coat, and a 500 page playbook.
  • Glasses, a mustache, a Dolphins windbreaker, and a pink slip.


OK.  It's your turn, give us some of your NFL thoughts or your NFL inspired Halloween costumes.

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