Fantasy Football: Week 9 Pickups

I’m sorry.  I have to say that to start.  I mailed in that article last week.  It was atrocious.  I make no excuse for that dreck.  But I will make the promise to strive for better in the future.  I done bad, and Imma fix it.  Starting this week.

Now, back to our little world of oblong shapes, strange body armor, and weird black paint that doesn’t actually do anything but make you look silly.

Two incredible, stunning, remarkable, and completely unpredictable things happened this weekend.  They happened within seconds of each other.  And they shook the American football landscape to its core.

1) The New Orleans Saints lost a football game.

2) The St. Louis Rams won a football game.

Now I know that some of you have fallen to the floor, fainting in shock over these two wild developments.  Now, let me add one more little twist to those two factoids.  Both happened in the same game.  That’s right, Football freaks!  The previously winless St. Louis Rams defeated the highly touted former Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints in an NFL football game!  I know you’re shocked as well.

In other news, Tebowing is officially a *thing*.  It was done twice in one game, and there is even a website dedicated to showcasing its service.  Let’s say nothing about the skill of the player that inspired such a practice.  As gossip, in all its forms and functions, is evil incarnate, and we should never indulge in its practice.

Yeah, right.  Let’s face it folks.  Tim Tebow sucks as an NFL quarterback.  He proved it twice in two weekends.  But he’s a useful Fantasy quantity as long as he keeps tucking the football and using his own feet to do something, anything, other than let the ball go away from his magical, blessed hands.  (I retched typing that last sentence)

Anyhoo, let’s start off with the usual disclaimers.  I'm not a Fantasy expert.  I've run the gauntlet from 0-for the season to undefeated champion, and everything in between.  I've played in almost every type of Fantasy Football league except for Auction drafts and Franchise leagues.  My favorite leagues right now are the two 2QB starter leagues, one of which I'm the defending champion.  I'm also a big fan of scoring odd things, like return yardage for offensive players, and TFLs and 3-and-outs for Defenses.  So some of my rankings might be skewed slightly (or majorly) by some of my experiences.  Take them with a grain of salt.

The pickups below are broken down first by position, then by the order I'd pick them up.  Not all waiver wire pickups are created equal, obviously.  The guys higher up in their positional breakdown are more highly recommended than those lower down.

I also dislike talking about players for multiple weeks in a row.  It gets boring from my end to say the same things over and over again.  But I’ll also run out of material pretty quickly if I keep doing that.  For the most part, the guys I thought would be good to pick up last week (or any other week for that matter) are still probably halfway decent pickups.  But, as always, be smart about what you’re doing with your team.  Don’t pick up Torrey Smith just because I recommended him after his insane 3 score game a few weeks ago.  Do your own research, just as I’ve done in compiling these lists.  And, above all, ENJOY THE INSANITY!

St. Louis Rams receivers – They’re probably out there, and they’ve got the terrible Arizona passing defense.  Enjoy.

Arizona Cardinals – Like above, the Rams are not good.  Pick them up and play them in place of your Bye week guys.  You’ll be fine.

Matt Cassel, QB, KC – Your Week 9 QB Plug&Play.  He’s not elite.  He’s average.  In everything he does.  But he gets a very friendly Miami Dolphins team.  If you don’t have an elite option this week, Cassel is a worthwhile thought.

Kevin Kolb, QB, Arz – He’s injured, so keep that in mind.  But he’s got Larry Fitzgerald, Early Doucet, and the Saint Louis Rams this week.  If he starts, he’s a top 15 option, another plug and play idea if you need it.

Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Sea – Where did this come from?  Seattle looks completely lost without TJax, which is surprising to me considering that he’s never done anything in his career worth this.  But he’s making his WRs into decent Fantasy starters, and he’s not giving the ball away (yet).  He gets Dallas this week.  Don’t be afraid of the matchup, but don’t think of this as anything more than a deep league pickup for a bye week filler.

Javon Ringer, RB, Ten – Chris Johnson is a bit of a joke right now.  If you can’t get going against the invisible Colts defense, what IS going to get you going?  CJ0k is basically fantasy dead weight at this point.  While Javon Ringer is no CJ, he’s tied to a pretty reasonable offense that values the running game as much as the pass.  Matt Hasselbeck is a decent QB, but he’s not going to be winning games with his arm alone anymore.  They need the run to take the pressure off a league-average passing game.  And Ringer is going to be a part of this.

Michael Bush, RB, Oak – How is this guy only owned in 51% of Yahoo leagues?  Run DMC is injured again, and Bush has proven that he can handle a starter’s workload.  He’s not going to give you DMC numbers.  Few players are.  But he’ll likely be better than one Cedric Benson, or more than half of the starting RBs currently in the NFL.  Check the injury report, but if DMC is anything other than Probable, I’d slot in Bush and not look back.

Reggie Bush, RB, Mia – Oh.  So that’s what a Heisman Trophy winner looks like.  Honestly, it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten.  Might this finally be the year that Bush shakes off his soft label and becomes a workhorse?  Probably not.  But he took 15 rushes for 103 yards and a score at hostile Giant territory.  He travels to Kansas City next weekend, an enigma wrapped in contradictions and served with a side of confusion.  If you can find him, you could do worse.

Maurice Morris, RB, Det – As predicted, the Kitten backfield is in shambles.  Again.  And Morris will be the beneficiary.  They can’t throw every play to Calvin Johnson.  At some point, somebody’s gonna pick that ball.  Morris isn’t going to give you massive numbers.  Think more volume carries than anything else.  A classic Cedric Benson type of day.  20 carries, 70 yards, maybe a score if you’re lucky.  Again, check the injury report for Jahvid Best before starting him.  But if Best is out, Morris should probably be started somewhere as a Flex2 or something like that.

Lance Ball, RB, Den – It’s kinda tough to ignore 10.5 YPC.  He only got 6 carries, but turned them into 63 yards against the Hello Kitties this weekend.  Oakland is a decent defense, but IMO not an elite run stopping group.  Check the reports later in the week to see what’s going on with practice reps, but I think that Ball is going to be a part of this team’s plans this week.

Chris Ogbonnaya, RB, Cle – Deep minded owners need apply only.  Both Hillis and Hardesty have fallen to the Madden Curse.  Neither is operating at nearly 100% (or even 50% for that matter), and it’s possible that both could sit out next weekend.  But don’t expect much.  Cleveland is not a good offensive team.  And they’re only getting worse.  This guy’s ceiling is as a borderline flex play.  But, if you’re in an excessively deep league and nothing’s getting done with your regulars, he might be worth a flyer.

Michael Crabtree, WR, SF – Why is this guy still available in 60% of Yahoo leagues?  I mean, granted, he’s got Alex Smith chucking the rock.  But whatever head space he’s in right now is clearly different from where he’s been for the last half decade.  Jim Harbaugh must be some kind of genius if he can pull that kid out of that funk.  Crabtree’s got all the talent in the world, just could never put it all together.  He’s putting it together now.  And he gets the Skins this weekend.  Enjoy!

Early Doucet, WR, Arz – Again, how is this guy still on the waiver wire?  No, he’s not going to give you WR1 numbers.  But he’s got Larry Fitzgerald across from him.  And he’s facing the St. Louis Rams this weekend.  They are not as good as they showed when they beat the Saints this past weekend.  Start with confidence, even if Kolb isn’t in the game.

Doug Baldwin, WR, Sea – Say what you will about Tavaris Jackson, he loves him some Doug Baldwin.  And that’s good for your fantasy teams.  With TJax at the helm, Baldwin’s put together 25 catches, 403 yards, and 2 scores in 6 games.  In his last 3, he’s caught 18 for over 250 yards, a 15+ YPC, and a score.  Start and enjoy if TJax is around.

Greg Salas, WR, StL – OK, we’re staring at the bottom of the barrel now.  The Rams are not good, we know this.  But Salas has 15 catches for 146 yards over the last 3 weeks, and gets a soft Cardinal defense this week.  The magic probably won’t be there from this past weekend, but he could be a solid PPR guy.

Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Pit – Hines Ward didn’t do us any favors this weekend.  He started, got hurt, and didn’t do very much.  Sanders has 10 catches for 116 and a score over the last 2 weeks.  And Hines looks to be out, or at least not starting, for this weekend.  He’s got the Ravens, who always show up for the Steelers game.  A low end flex play, but not a terrible one.

Laurent Robinson, WR, Dal – Something’s seriously wrong with this team right now.  That’s now three consecutive weeks that Tony Romo has essentially ignored quite possibly the best 1-2 receiving core in the NFL right now.  What are they doing down there anyway?  Robinson is not a good NFL talent.  But volume tends to overcome talent, and he’s been getting it.  Like Ogbonnaya above, deep minded owners need apply only.

Brent Celek, TE, Phi – Not a strong recommendation, mind you.  The Eagles don’t really like using their TEs that much.  With Vick running the ball and 3 good wideouts catching the ball, there just aren’t enough floating oblong spheres to feed all the mouths.  But, if you can find the right matchup, you get Celek’s 13 point Y! day this past weekend.  Outside of the obvious names at the top, the TE core is a dice roll at best, with about 15 players all in the mix and any could go off in any given week.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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