Free Agents The Bears Should Acquire this Off-Season

{I am not saying that any of these guys will be guaranteed free agents. There is still a possibility that there current team will resign them.}

The Bears Defense has been struggling the past two games. The only way the Bears have gotten to really improve has been through the free agency. So the Bears have to go into the free agency ready to spend some money on at least one more Great Defensive player.

Cliff Avril: The Bears need a more well known guy that will draw some of the extra protection off of Julius Peppers. Cliff Avril is a aggressive guy. With Peppers on the other side of the DL the Bears DL will be the most feared in the NFL.

Brandon Carr: First to make it clear Carr will most likely not be resigned. The Chiefs have already gave Tamba Hali & Brandon Flowers huge contracts and Dwayne Bowe still needs a new contract. The Chiefs will not have enough money to resign him and sign all the other guys they really, really need to resign and sign. Now to get to the Bears. Charles Tillman is aging and is the only true CB the Bears have. Tim Jennings is a good CB but I would definitely rather see a new CB like Carr out there. To bring in Stats Opponents have earned a total of 2975 yards. Signing a new CB that can cover a guy better will definitely help with that.

Stephen Tulloch: The Bears need a new Strong Side Linebacker. Nick Roach is a Great Backup but isn't good enough to be a starter. Stephen Tulloch would indefinitely be a great new starting Strong Side Linebacker. To go into stats Tulloch had 160 Tackles in 2010 and Nick Roach hasn't had one season with more then 55 Tackles and Tulloch has only been in the NFL one year longer then Roach.

For Offense there needs are easily exploited. There is OL, WR, & TE. The Bears need to resign Matt Forte and sign a young talented OL man.

Carl Nicks. The Bears have actually two good OGs in Chris Wiliams and Chris Spencer but Chris Williams is way to fragile to be deemed as a permanent Starting OL man. Signing Carl Nicks will of course be a really, really great sign and could also bring Lovie Smith's dream come true by being able to move Chris Williams to the Center.

Vincent Jackson: The Bears tried to see if Roy Williams could become the WR he was with the Lions but so far he has been a bust. Jay Cutler Loves Height which was also a big reason why Roy Williams is even with the Bears right now. Jackson is 6'5 and is the Same height as Greg Olsen which was Cutlers favorite target last year.

John Carlson: John Carlson has been a pretty good TE when he is healthy. He will look for somewhere new to start off at where there wont be any threats of losing his starting position like he did with the Seahawks when they signed Zach Miller. Kellen Davis is big and has been a good blocker but sometimes drops balls that should be caught. With Carlson he will bring in the Receiving TE the Bears have missed since they traded Greg Olsen for a 3rd round pick.

Please Comment and let me know what you think. Also answer the poll. Thanks for Reading.

See my follow up post HERE

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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