And now i see

So this off season we picked up 3 former Cowboys who some of us hoped would help improve our team. To be honest with you after watching these guys play this year im no longer excited about this season.

Marion Barber:

Bad enough Caleb Hanie is our starting Qb but to have a veteran former starter like Marion Barber come in and stink up the place the way he did is unheard of. We waited 4 weeks into the season for our "power back" to make his debut and aside from his only 100 yrd rushing has been less than stellar. Wouldnt you like your power back to get you more than 2.5 first downs a game? He has 24 in 10 games. Veteran players make veteran plays, veteran plays mean knowing how to line up, when to go down vs going out of bounds, and understanding that holding onto the football in ot while in fg range is more important than gaining yards... Unfortunately our veteran Rb doesnt understand this... doesnt understand that he needs to do whatever possible to help a young struggling qb.

Roy Williams:

Unlike some fans(im not naming names) i was against Your Boy Roy from the moment they signed him. 70- 80 catches? On what my Madden franchise? Roy E is on pace to make a very below average 31 catches this season with about 460 yards... is it me or could that money have been better spent on someone who could actually catch the ball? How many times do we have to read Roy telling us how he should have made this catch, or that catch. How many first downs or touchdowns for that matter do we have to watch him drop before we all realize he isnt the answer. Sidney Rice may have been the answer but did we even try? Being a veteran means being a leader and for someone brought in to be the NO.1 wr he is putting up admirable No.4 numbers. Oh and did i mention he is on pace to reproduce every number he put up the last 2 years with the Cowboys... EXCEPT touchdowns? in 43 targets he has caught 26 passes with 5 drops... and as we all know crucial drops. What do young receivers learn from a guy who drops crucial passes, has poor conditioning, and is unable to stay healthy?

Sam Hurd:

W.A.D.A need i say more? He was brought in for special teams and has yet to make a noticeable impact there, after reading the case notes i would say he wasnt a very good drug dealer either. This is a guy who was set to make 1.3 million this year at 26 years old mostly to lineup on special teams. Is the life of a special teams player that hard that he needed to resort to selling cocaine? Lets face it he would have never been Larry Fitzgerald, hell he probably would never be Curtis Conway but to throw away your future and easy one at that over coke and weed is beyond stupid. At a time when your team is struggling this was the last thing needed and thats unnecessary distractions... Thank you Sam Turd.

One thing we all need to pay attention to is not just what they havent done its what they have. The thing all these former Cowboys have in common are distractions. Marion Barber refusing to speak with the media, Roy Williams continuing to talk to the media, and Sam Hurd bringing unwanted attention on not only the Chicago Bears but the entire NFL. As much as i would like to know the other people who purchased drugs from him i honestly feel the truth will hurt more than not knowing. At what point does management realize the same thing the Cowboys, these guys wont help you win much and its no surprise the cowboys who finished 6-10 last year are in position to win the division this year same team minus a few useless pieces...

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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