Wide Receivers The Bears Should Acquire

Yesterday I posted a article called "Free Agents The Bears Should Acquire this Off-Season" and I posted a poll along with that article. "What is the Bears #1 position that needs to be filled?" Wide Receiver was chosen the most. So I decided to make a full list of the best receivers that are most likely going to free agents this off-season and that the Bears need to take a very long look at and finally acquire a #1 receiver that Chicago (Especially Jay Cutler) desperately want. Why? Because #Cuttydoesit.

(Once again I am not saying that any of these guys will be guaranteed free agents. There is still a possibility that there current team will resign them.}

Vincent Jackson: I know I already had this guy in the original list but hey this guy is pretty much the most realistic #1 receiver that Jerry Angelo will most likely sign. Vincent Jackson is tall and Cutler and the Bears fans are going to let that be told. He will be the best tallest receiver in the free agency and off the top of my head I can't think of one WR thats taller then 6'5. Signing Vincent Jackson is a strong possibility and Ill give it a 60% possibility.

Dwayne Bowe: I for some reason received about 2 comments as of present that say that Bowe will possibly not be resign. I do not know where they get this from but I thought it would cool to add him to this list. Dwayne Bowe is a amazing receiver. He has a little bit of everything. Great Catcher, Tall, Fast, and has a total of 4,587 yards receiving in only 5 years. Bowe will most likely want a pretty big contract that the Bears wont give out. Ill give him a 1% chance of him coming to Chicago.

Brandon Marshall: I do know that Marshall contract isnt ending this year but Jay Cutler has history with him when they were on the Denver Broncos together Jay Cutler threw for his one and only 4,000 yard season and that was thanks to Brandon Marshall. Since 2007 Brandon Marshall has had 1,000 yard seasons every year and this is something the Bears need and also Cutler. The Bears could trade for Marshall by trading Lance Briggs, Johnny Knox, & a couple or few draft picks to the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall, Koa Misi, & Nate Garner. Ill give this trade a 38% possibility.

DeSean Jackson: Jackson is noticibly unhappy. On Thursday Night Football Jackson was jogging his routes and also caught on the sidelines not talking to anyone and with a blank look on his face. I can almost guarantee DeSean Jackson wont be a Eagle next year. Now to get to him becoming a Bear. Devin Hester gets injured a lot and it seems he gets hurt every game. DeSean can come into help out the Kick Returning that the Bears need desperately because Johnny Knox is nothing like Jackson or Hester because all he is, is speed and doesn't really do any of them fancy moves that Hester and Jackson do that usually result in 7 points. Also Jackson isn't just speed he is also a good Wide Receiver. Jackson's past two seasons he's had 1,000 yard seasons and with them two seasons combined total of 109 receptions. Hes definitely worth a $45 Million contract.(Devin Hester has a near $41 Million contract.) Ill give him a 40% chance of coming to the Bears.

Thanks for reading and like always comment below and let me know what you think. Also if you can think of any other WRs the Bears should trade or sign for just comment them below.

I made a follow up to this post HERE. Hope everyone likes it. Second Follow up to this is still to come.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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