Jerry Angelo should cry when he reads this.

I finally found some time to write and I have been dying to talk about football. Of course I won't be able to talk about how sad I am about the Bears but I will talk about... well just keep reading.

I know every Bears fan out there would probably feel terrible to write this but c'mon man doesn't anyone else feel terrible about not earning a Super Bowl ring for Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, and Charles Tillman? Of course Jay Cutler and Devin Hester are relatively young but Jay Cutler is in his prime and was looking like a Super Bowl capable QB this year (of course I am not counting him out of earning a ring sometime in the future). Also Devin Hester has gotten injured in nearly every game this season. If Hester has one more season like this I will just about say his career as a beyond elite kick and punt returner is slightly over.

But back to the rest. Brian Urlacher is obviously getting old, but he has said in a interview with Michael Strahan that he still feels good and isn't ready to retire.

Lance Briggs isn't old per se, but I am leaning towards saying that this was Lance Briggs' last year in being an elite linebacker.

Julius Peppers again is showing his age, but he can still push the offensive lineman out of the away and at least hit the QB. But if I was Peppers I would actually put my blinker on now to get over in the right lane because his exit is coming up.

Charles Tillman is a guy that I am extremely uncertain with his future. He can still dominate elite WRs but on other night's he cannot cover a guy. I am not sure if it is his age or really I don’t know. But to disprove it's age, all Tillman needs is one tackle and he will have created a new season total high of 93 tackles (He has already passed season high assisted tackles with 13 tackles as of present).

Of course with all of my power I will hold back my inner self of explaining what the Bears have to do to fix this. I have explained it way too much over the past few articles. But of course I would love to speak for the rest of the Bears fans that we love every single one of these guys that I have listed and of course the rest of the guys on our roster. No matter how much we yell and complain we still rout and love every one of them guys. BUT we still hate Jerry Angelo and Mike Martz. Of course this post wouldn't be completed without a poll so make sure you answer the poll.

And of course Comment.

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