Players on offense we should Keep, Trade, or Cut.

Well when I decided to write this 1,300+ word article I was actually having craving of wanting to write about the Bears. So I decided to fill my needs and write this article. I hope everyone enjoys.

Offensive Backs:

The two guys that has pretty much kept this offense and this team going are right here: Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. Matt Forte’s contract ends this year and well it hasn’t really been a secret. We need to re-sign this guy, and no franchise tag. Send him a real contract, the Bears don't need anymore bulls**t (Hey, I’m just using the words that everyone else uses).

Jay Cutler: Absolutely keep. We need this guy more than Tom Cruise needs Katie Holmes (For reference click HERE). This year finally proved to everyone that he is desperately needed and that Cutler is the best QB ever to play on the Bears roster. So this is a no brainer Keep him

Matt Forte: Matt Forte left this season without having a 100+ yard game since the Eagles game, three games before he had gotten injured. Of course the reason for that is because everyone knows that if they don’t always have their attention on Matt Forte he will break one at least 10 yards. So while everyone has at least one eye on Forte Jay Cutler, Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox, ect. are able to roam around without everyone having their full attention span on them. So Forte is a huge piece of the puzzle to be able to finally win some games like we were. This shouldn't be a hard decision, Keep

Marion Barber: This guy was doing really well but of course the Broncos game decided to come along and steal his thunder. Everyone has a fumble every once in a while (his last time was 2009). Of course it decided to come at the wrong time. Of course thanks to a little butter on his hands everyone is going to want to write him off but of course this guy is still a good power running back. I would still love him to share the secondary position with Kahlil Bell. So yes in my mind I would love to Keep Marion Barber.

Kahlil Bell: If you would have asked me what I thought of Kahlil Bell back in the Kansas City game I would of said re-sign just to fill a void or cut him. But now this guy has shown that he has some skills. This guy is pretty much a poor man’s Matt Forte. He runs great, catches great, and blocks great. There isn’t anything this guy can’t do just like Matt Forte. Keep him and have him go in for Forte when he starts to get tired.

Tyler Clutts: Tyler Clutts is a bit of a butterfingers when it comes to catching. But this guy is an excellent blocker. This guy will never be a huge statistic FB because the only thing that he is great at is blocking. But with me I absolutely would love to Keep this guy on our roster.

WR Corps:

Roy Williams: Roy Williams has been a pain in the neck from the start of the season to the end. He drops way to balls due to his lack of catching ability. Williams rarely catches the ball with his hands. He constantly catches the ball with his body, which isn't a crime but when he lets the ball hit his chest and bounce off that is unacceptable. Roy Williams is definitely not starting worthy and shan't receive the duties of becoming a starter until he learns how to catch again. (haha duties) Cut.

Earl Bennett: I still love Earl Bennett. He is a great WR with his route running ability and catching ability. Of course he isn’t the fastest WR in the bunch but makes it up with how great of a catcher he is. Re-signing Bennett was a great move and we absolutely need to Keep Bennett

Johnny Knox: Well some people know how I feel about Knox but for the people that don’t, well the reason I don’t like him is because he absolutely cannot run routes. He falls in nearly every route that has a sharp turn to it. To understand what I’m talking about go back to the play where Jay Cutler was injured. Johnny Knox fell which lead to the interception. If it was up to me I would have no idea whether to cut, keep, or trade. But if I had to give an answer I would Trade him for possibly a 4th or 5th round pick (I'm sure the Arizona Cardinals would be interested).

Devin Hester: As of this season he hasn’t gone one game without somehow getting injured. So I don’t know if this is going to be carried through next year but if doesn’t cutting Hester be like cutting Charles Tillman. Keep for right now.

Dane Sanzenbacher: “Great” Dane Sanzenbacher has been playing pretty good for his first season. I wouldn’t see any need to really cut or trade him since there is a possibility that we have found a future starter for the Bears. Keep

Offensive Line:

Chris Spencer: Chris Spencer has been playing in my opinion great for being called an underachiever. I would definitely have this guy somewhere in the starting line-up next season. Keep

Lance Louis: This guy has been something else this season. It is like we need this guy but he is also kind of terrible. Lance Louis cannot hold up a block long enough without someone helping him. I really don’t think he belongs in any talks of being in the starting line-up but he is a decent back-up. Keep

Frank Omiyale: Gate 68 is a joke. This guy should have been cut a few weeks ago. It’s not too late to Cut him right now.

Roberto Garza: Garza is a good Guard (and Center) and definitely deserves the starting job he has right now. But he is getting old, after this contract runs out his career is about over. So Keep him and let him say that he was on the same team for his entire career.

Edwin Williams: Edwin Williams has had his break out year. He has shown lately that he is a starting worthy player. He definitely earned that contract extension. Keep

J’Marcus Webb: Webb has been a controversial Tackle since the Bears gave him the starting LT position. He is definitely no special Tackle and in my opinion should be an above average back-up Tackle. This guy has no business in leaving the Bears. Keep

Chris Williams: This guy has been a great OG but he is way too fragile. No matter what he is guaranteed to somehow become injured within the season. If we find a new starting Guard for the RG, I think Chris Williams should share the starting LG position with Roberto Garza. Under certain circumstances Keep him.

Tight Ends:

Kellen Davis: Davis has been a solid TE with solid catching ability and solid blocking ability. Of course we could always upgrade but until then Kellen Davis should do. Keep

Matt Spaeth: Spaeth has been doing better then what I had originally thought. He has had some solid plays through his time with the Bears and I wouldn’t mind seeing him coming back to Chicago next season. Keep

I know this was a long post but come on, imagine how long it took me to write this. So who has had the most successful year on the offensive side of the ball? Jay Cutler? Matt Forte? That’s up for all of you to decide. Don’t forget to comment.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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