Chicago Bears Overall Performance

To pretty much some this game up, anyone with a heart defect would of had a heart attack. This game was ridiculous. This game was the perfect example of murphy's law. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The #1 offensive player was injured in the first quarter, Hester couldn't return any kicks, Defense couldn't Intercept, Force a Fumble, or any other turnovers, & when Hanie became successful he had a interception in the end zone. So with a huge broke heart and with trying to hold back the dirty words here's my total analyst of how every position did through the entire game


QB: Caleb Hanie in my opinion had a horrible game. He threw the ball inaccurate and held on the ball way, way to long and he even stepped up in the pocket when it was unnecessary. Hanie had a total of 11 completions out of 24 tries with a total of 133 yards with 7 sacks and once again 3 INTs. Tyler Palko the back-up for the Kansas City Chiefs had a better performance then Hanie and he was originally cut from CFL. Poor game from Hanie and he has lost my confidence in him. Grade: F+

HB: Something many of us have feared has came true. Matt Forte had gotten injured on the very first quarter. But Marion Barber actually came out and was really good. Barber had a total of 44 yards with 14 attempts. Even though Barber's stats may not say that he played well but if you were watching he was looking pretty good out there. Grade: C+

TE: Well I'll start off by saying no one is at fault for Matt Forte getting injured but I will say Matt Spaeth instigated it. I won't go into that any further because just like I said I want to hold out on the dirty words. But I will give credit to Kellen Davis for that catch that he made. Grade: F

OL: Well I don't think I really have to explain myself. Through the whole game Hanie was either on his back or running. I do have to say its also partially Hanie's fault but 80% of it was the O-Lines fault. Grade: F+

WR: Once again my thoughts on acquiring a big name WR is what Chicago needs. Thanks to this off-seasons acquisition Roy Williams Caleb Hanie's hot streak was brought down because he let the ball hit him in the chest and bounce out and fall into a defenders hands. In total there was 11 completions and only 133 yards. Today was a terrible day for passing in Chicago. Tisk, Tisk. Grade: D


DE: The DEs were great. Just watching Israel Idonije and Julius Peppers out there was amazing. Peppers continues to dominate O-lines and in Idonije he proved that he deserves to be a starting DE. Grade: A+

DT: Well just like the DEs the DTs did great they might not of did some of the stuff that Peppers and Idonije had done but they still disrupted the offense and definitely deserved there paycheck today. Grade: A

LB: Everyone did there job and Urlacher might of had a INT if Conte wouldn't of punched it out of his hands. They also might of won the game if Urlacher would of caught that. Grade: B+

CB: Tillman had a normal day nothing special but shut Bowe down. Tim Jennings was surprisingly great today which is a little bit of a oddity mostly because the past off-season and all last season the Bears were trying to figure out whether Jenning or Zachary Bowman should start. DJ Moore was once again out unfortunately. Corey Graham did a good job nothing special but did his job. Grade: B-

S: Yes this does pertain to both the Free Safety and Strong Safety. Chris Conte did amazing with tackling and covering except for one huge thing. He batted the ball out of Urlachers hands and that ball ended up in Dexter McCluster's hands. Major Wright was token out of the game with a injury but not before he took out Kyle Orton on his very first start with the Chiefs. Steltz went in and did a pretty good job and definitely earned his pay check. Grade: B

Special Teams: Devin Hester had a total of 7 punt returns and averaged 41.6 yards. Not a total bad day for Hester but could of been better since it is Devin Hester. There was only 1 Kick Return and was returned for 23 yards. Podlesh didn't do that bad but he messed up a couple of punts and had one of the longest punt returns happen so far this year but he did what a true great punter has to do and that's tackling the returner. I wanted to try and stay away from this because I consider myself a fan of Robbie Gould but he actually missed a Field Goal today. Something that's very rare for him. Grade: B

Overall Grade: C
Thanks for reading. Please comment and answer the poll. Go Bears.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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