My Bear's 2011 NFL Draft Picks are.....

If there is one thing I am, it is a lurker.  I lurk.  Not in a creapy/stalker kind of way but in a researching and opinion gathering kind of way.  I don't post on here often and I have only done one other fanpost since I joined last June.  Heck, I visited this site for the longest time before I realized that I needed to be a member of WCG.  The good thing about lurking is that you get to see what everyone else's opinion is on a topic before you voice your own.  This way you (supposedly) sound smart.  But I am beginning to realize that this has led me down a path of unoriginalism.  If you are wondering where this is going and how it relates to the draft, follow me after the jump!


Mock drafts are pointless and never seem to be correct after the first ten picks or so.  However, they are a great way to keep the football season partially alive now that the playoffs and Superbowl are over.  You have the combine and Senior Bowl and all the analysts predicting the future of hundreds of kids.  It's an exciting time.

Now, I have read a bunch of mock drafts and know that there is no point to trying to predict what the Bears will do this coming year.  BUT, I am going to do it anyway.  Why???  Because, my lurking on WCG and other sites has brought to my attention some intriguing prospects that the Bears could show some interest in. 

Disclaimer: I am no scout and do not pretend to be.  The Bears may have no interest in any of these players and while they may be extremely talented and be perfectly suited for the Bears, Angelo may ignore them because he has already set on a draft in his mind. 

So here goes...


Round 1:

Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin, 6'7'' 315lbs.

Anyone who had been paying attention to the mocks knows that there are a few OT's that may be available in the mid-late first round.  Carimi received some good reviews from the Senior Bowl as LT and LG.  Tice is going to need to make a decision about where the future of Chris Williams lies and Carimi will take the other.  There are a couple good videos showing him shutting down Cameron Heyward and Adrian Clayborn.  He seems to be a popular choice for the Bears and I get it.  But if Mike Pouncey is available, he would be my choice.

Gabe Carimi Video 1

Gabe Carimi Video 2


Round 2:

Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina, 6'2'' 312lbs.

This was a guy on his way to being a first round pick in this years draft.  But he was caught in the North Carolina scandal and ultimately was kicked off the team.  His skill and talent level warrant a higher pick but a lot of teams may be scared off because he sat out the 2010 season and he may have a bit of an attitude.  It is obvious that Tommie Harris is not going to be what he once was.  He shows flashes but isn't consistent enough to be counted on.  Austin could be his replacement and might be a steal in the second round.  With some conditioning and an attitude check, he could be a quick contributor on the Dline.  Besides, we all know how Angelo loves the D linemen in the draft. 

Marvin Austin Video 1

Marvin Austin Video 2


Round 3:

Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia, 6'2'' 200lbs, 4.54 40'

Finally, the Bears decide to get a corner who is taller than 6' and isn't (Zach Bowman).  This guy is a ball-hawk and seems to have real good instincts.  He also has a love for putting the smackdown on opposing WR's.  After Calvin Johnson had his way with us in the first Detroit game, it was painfully obvious that we needed a good man-to-man CB who has some height.  There are a couple of good CBs available in the 2nd and 3rd, but if he is there in the 3rd, he is a steal. 

Ras-I Dowling Video 1

Ras-I Dowling Video 2


Round 4:

John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin, 6'4'' 314lbs

With Kreutz getting another year older, the Bears need to start looking for the future center.  Moffit played his college career at both LG and C which gives him a unique advantage.  He could play LG while learning center from Kreutz and with his previous playing experience, the transition shouldn't be a issue.  I like the idea of having two linemen from one college team as they are already comfortable working with each other.  Moffitt may not make it this far down but if he is there this is the pick.  (If you are looking for video, just check out Carimi's videos above and watch him instead.)


Round 5:

Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii, 6'1'' 206lbs

I am sure there are quite a few people upset that the Bears haven't drafted a WR earlier.  I think there is a good chance the Bears address this in free agency and pick up a veteran WR.  And while Fantuz may be a good pickup (?), I assume Aromashodu will be gone and who knows about Rashied Davis.  We need another receiver with good size and reliable hands.  He put up some huge numbers in Hawaii's pass-happy offense and has potential. 

Greg Salas Video 1


Round 6:

Justin Boren, OG, Ohio State, 6'3'' 320 lbs

A good OG prospect who has a bit of a mean attitude when playing.  Transferred from Michigan to OSU (which is unheard of...) andbecame an AP Second Team All-American playing LG.  He will definately need some work but Tice would definately want to work with this kid. 

Old Justin Boren Video 1


After all that, I still feel the Bears have a few areas of need andthat instead of focusing on specific position in a specific round, they should draft the best available player across multiple positions.  Let me know what you think and definately leave some argumentative comments below. 

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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