Almost two weeks later and I'm still sick of Denver fans......

So, today I'm at work and I'm headed to break when I happen across an outside driver who's coming in to pick up a load of steel.  I am sporting a knit Bears cap circa 2009 (you know, the nice one with the orange top that fades down with the little squares into blue with a nice orange "C" on the front) and he's sporting a lousy looking Denver Broncos ball cap.  He asks me where the shipping office is, and I direct him that way.  As he's leaving, he smirks and says:

"Glad you guys have that quitter, Cutler, and not us!"

I, of course responded with a quick "Yeah, because winning 4 games is a much better place to be at than losing the NFC Championship game!"  

He frowned and continued on his way.

Later, as I was working on my mill, something came to me.  A snippet of a memory.  Didn't Elway once leave a championship game over what most would consider a minor injury?  Yes....yes, he did.  I was sure of it.  Wait...I remember!  It was against the Bills!  Damn I wished that guy was still right there!

So here I am, having researched it completely after I got home.  And here is the low-down!  Available right here is the antidote for every Broncos infection you get, whether at home or on the 'net.

January 12, 1992:  The 1991 AFC Championship game between the #2 seed Denver Broncos and the #1 seed Buffalo Bills.  

John Elway is not having a good game.  It's the 4th quarter.  He is currently 11-21 for 121 yards, no TDs and 1 pick.  His team is only down 7-0 (on a interception return by Carlton Bailey)because his defense is keeping the high powered Jim Kelly led Bills in check.  But he was hit early in the third Quarter and now his leg is stiffening up.  His performance is going south quickly (hence the Bailey pick) and he knows it.  He doesn't want to sit out.  He doesn't want to let his team down.  But Dan Reeves takes that decision away from him, pulling him because of a bruised thigh. (check the third paragraph from the bottom) That's right, folks, a bruised thigh.  (right at the beginning of this one).

And to make matters worse, he was outperformed by backup QB Gary QB, who fell short of the comeback, but managed to score on a 3 yard run to close the gap to 10-7.  Sound familiar?

Next time a Broncos fan wants to spout off about Cutler, ask them if anything could have kept John Elway from taking the field in a Championship Game.  When they inevitably tell you "Hell No, John played his whole career without an ACL!  he would never have come out of a Championship Game over a injury so minor as a MCL tear that doesn't even require surgery!  Only wimps like Jay Cutler would do something like that!", then you can spring the '91 AFC Championship Game on them and watch them squirm!

And it works as a "fend off" for pretty much any team, considering that very few people will claim Elway, who really did play his entire college and pro career without an ACL, is not tough.  Not if they are honest, anyways. 

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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