SMD's thoughts and babbles


This post is going to be dedicated to my thoughts about certain things going on around the league and whatnot. I want to try and do one of these posts every once in awhile and if they become popular I'll try and post them more, so here goes . And i'll try my hardest not to mention Hester, Wootton, or Liuget ;]      Aiight here goes.....


Tommie Harris - out. Hunter Hillenmeyer- out. Kevin Shaffer - out. Good moves.

Harris just cannot do it anymore and may bennefit from a new scene, he just can't live up to the legend of the '05-06 Tommie.  He ended his career as a Bear with 213 total tackles, 28.5 sacks and an int. Not too shabby from an outside perspective, but if you look closer you'll see that 170 of those tackles came before 2009, all but 4 sacks were from before 2009, the only thing that stands out is the one int he had in '09. Point is Tommie just couldn't cut it anymore and was dead weight on an over-crowded dline.  Here's a link to Harris' page

Hunter Hillenmeyer was considered by most as the most reliable linebacker on the team. He was always in the right spot at the right time. He was part of the amazing '06 defense that dominated everyone, that year he started 15 games in which he earned 48 combined tackles. It doesn't seem like much, but while playing beside Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs i don't expect the SAM linebacker to get much action. HH it was a good run and you're a classy guy, best of luck.

Kevin Shaffer we hardly knew ye. A very reliable lineman who can line up at any spot and do ok. Good luck in the future.



Now on to some other thoughts i've had about other...things...

There was one verrry interesting prospect at the combine this year who caught my eye.

DeAndre McDaniel from Clemson. Here's a couple links to some reports about him.

pop  pop 2

How many people would be disappointed if we drafted this guy in the second or third? He played SAM linebacker until finally making the move to SS. I would definately see his 4.64 speed fitting nicely at SAM for the Bears.

Also would anyone be totally disappointed if the Bears took Martez Wilson of U of I in the first round? Arguably the highest ceiling of any LB prospect, this guy can do work.  Here's a couple of links on Wilson..

Pop3        |pop pop|



Also who made Jamie Dukes the "All Knowing" source on O-linemen? This dude wasn't even that great of a player. Oh well gotta pay who works for you i guess.

Aiiight fellas it's been real, hope yall like this here. Peace n whatnot

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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