The Bears Den: March 10, 2011

...where the answer is none. None more black.

Chicago Bears Q&A: Dan Pompei Fans have questions. He answers them. He discusses pretty women in bars. Seriously.

What are expectations for Josh Moore? Back by popular demand, Larry Mayer.

Lockout could be costly for Bears players - Chicago Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago Brian Urlacher could forfeit up to $2.1M. That would anger him. He would give you a mean look.

Bears coaches on hand at Wisconsin pro day - Chicago Breaking Sports The three Mikes represent. Ruskell not adverse to trading up. Fans not adverse to drafting a future HOF in first round.

Follow WCG on Twitter. And you KNOW this, man.

NFLPA Leader: 18-game schedule off the table "Not in the best interests of our players' safety".

Union wants judge to unseal TV case information OMG!

Sources: Agreement reached on rookie scale - NFL - Yahoo! Sports It's good and bad at the same time both.

CNBC Sports Business Blog — Rovell: NFL Labor Talks Take Turn Over Financials One for you. One for us. One for you. Three for us...

Owners ask for a lot, offer very little in return - NFL - Yahoo! Sports You can show me now, or show me later.

Moon: Bears should look for next Tommie Harris Crab cakes, pumpkin pie and a DT in the second round.

Never to early to talk about what Bears will do with first pick - Inside the Bears Predicting the draft is the equivalent of fake news.

Kiper: O-line is top Bears' draft need Sees needs at CB, OLB and WR. Obviously spends a great deal of time here, and follows WCG on Twitter.

Players have training contingency plans - Chicago Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago Workout. Yes. Good idea.

Grizzly Detail: Maggie Hendricks asks Plax or Sims Walker? We shall discuss it further because she says so.

Ticker: Lions' Ndamukong Suh calls Bears' offensive line 'over the hill' | Detroit Free Press | He may be partially correct. If he included "not that great" or "plays lost", he would be fully correct.

Pro Football HOF: 700 Club In related news, the Moline Tractors are still scoreless.

Vikings to workout Cam Newton You'll remember him from The Jetson's.

Tiki and Ronde Barber Allowed This Photo to Happen | The Big Lead Precious!

Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 Tickets Photo Contest - This is cool!

Picture This | Sign him up! Fan catches bat, saves beer | Seattle Times Newspaper This is cool, too!

Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo wades into Maryland gay marriage debate | ProFootballTalk Mmmm! Crab cakes!

One More Chance (Lyric Advisory):

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