Bears Mock Draft 2.0

Thought I would do something different from the other mocks out there…

A trade down!

We give the Raiders our 1st and receive their 2nd and 3rd round picks.

This could honestly happen because 1) the Raiders don’t have a first round pick, as it is now they wouldn’t pick till #48, 2) it is a fair trade on the draft value chart, and 3) Al Davis is always open to trades…maybe he wants a QB or another track star bust.


2          48        OT       Ben Ijalana

  •  Excellent bulk w/ long arms (36 in) and large hands
  •  Superb athleticism, quickness and agility     
  • Fantastic strength and extremely powerful
  • Stout at the point of attack and can anchor
  • Gets an outstanding push in the run game
  • Nimble feet to slide laterally and mirror
  • Displays the ability to recover when beat
  • Stuns opponents with violent initial punch
  • Capable of locking on and sustaining blocks
  • Range to work in space and at second level
  • Tough and will play through pain / injuries
  • Hard worker and still has considerable upside
  • Extremely durable with a ton of experience

2          62        DT       Marvin Austin

  •  Athletic defensive tackle prospect
  •  Very fast 10 time at the combine (1.60)
  •  Exceptional quickness
  •  Well built - good size and strength
  • Strong at point of attack - sheds blocks and fills lanes
  •  High ceiling as a pass rusher
  •  Dominates in spurts
  •  Moves well laterally - can make plays down the line


3          81        OG      Danny Watkins

  • Athletic with terrific quickness and agility
  • Nimble feet w/ nice balance and body control
  • Outstanding natural strength and power
  • Shows the ability to recover when beat
  • Will get some movement in the run game
  • Understands positioning and angles
  • Can get to second level and work in space
  • Extremely competitive with a great motor
  • Tough and plays with a nasty demeanor
  • Still has a ton of unfulfilled potential


3          93        WR      Greg Little

  •  Very large frame, uses his body well to shield defenders from the football
  •  Has big strong hands, makes a lot of acrobatic plays
  •  Tremendous body control when going up for the football
  •  Quick first step, tough and physical player, hard to jam at the line of scrimmage
  •  Former running back, doesn't go down easy, runs with determination
  •  Elusive with the football, always looking to get extra yards
  •  Good run blocker, willing to block downfield
  •  40 inch vertical leap, 27 bench press reps
  •  Very high upside, has the potential to be a legit number one


4          125      CB       Shareece Wright

  •  Good height and decent bulk with long arms
  •  Athletic and smooth with nice speed and a burst  
  •  Quick and agile with superb change of direction
  •  Fluid hips, excellent feet and transitions well
  •  Able to turn and run with wideouts downfield
  •  Displays above average instincts and awareness
  •  Aggressive and physical with adequate strength
  •  Gets a nice jam at the line of scrimmage
  •  Is not afraid to hit or support the run
  •  Very competitive and has a short memory
  •  Still has considerable upside


5          157      RB       Bilal Powell

  • Balanced all-around running back
  • Nice blend of power and speed
  • Displays burst and acceleration - hits the hole quickly
  • Determined runner with good balance and vision
  • Comfortable catching passes out of the backfield
  • Burst onto the scene with a 1,405 yard senior season
  • Above average at blitz pickup
  • Possesses skill-set to be an every down back
  • Had a strong week at the Senior Bowl


 6          189      LB       Lawrence Wilson

  • Terrific athleticism, speed, quickness and agility
  • A reliable tackler who can also deliver the big hit
  • Has sideline-to-sideline range and excels in pursuit
  • Is instinctive with superb read and react abilities
  • Can work through trash and navigate through traffic
  • Competitive and very active with a non-stop motor
  • Able to flips hips and fluidly drop back into coverage
  • Displays decent awareness and adequate ball skills
  • Capable of making a impact as pass rusher / blitzer
  • Tough, durable and will play through pain / injuries
  • Super productive with a lot of quality experience

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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