My final Bears 2011 NFL Mock Draft

   Well since everyone seems to be posting mocks of their own I might as well post mine. I have posted numerous mocks with notable changes in each one. At first I wanted to stay put in the first round as I anticipated we will have a good player fall to us that would both be an immediate impact as well as filling a serious need. However the players I had in mind (LT Derek Sherrod, DT Corey Liuget, DT Muhammed Wilkerson) all seem to be destined with teams who draft earlier than we do. Not to say none of them won't drop down to us, its just unlikely at this point to see them fall within range of us to trade up let alone at 29th overall. So, time for plan B...a trade down.

  Now I have heard a lot of rumors about Oakland perhaps being a team who would want to trade up into the first round if someone they desprately wanted was there for the taking. But, there is another team on the horizon that may seek a trade up of their own, a team with a higher selection in said second round. Enter the Arizona Cardinals.

  This year's draft appears to be headed towards a giant rush on young QBs in the early rounds, as with this lockout currantly in place teams needing a solution at QB are met with extreamly few options. In case you didn't know currently teams are forbidden to speak let alone sign or trade for any players, and that is very unfortunate as again if you were seeking for an experianced QB to re-energize your franchise, sorry but you are out of luck at the moment. Arizona is one of those said teams. There is a certain QB by the name of Jake Locker who the Cardinals are extreamly interested in drafting, and many would think they are safe as they hold the sixth overall pick in the second round, right? WRONG, as there is potential that another team by the name of the Buffalo Bills who hold the 3rd overall selection in the second round is also extreamly both in need of a QB and interested in Jake Locker themselves. What do the Arizona Cardinals do? 

 This following situation is compleatly hypothetical and may or may not happen, or may happen in another compleatly unexpected way:

  It is currently the 29th overall selection and the Bears are on the clock. All of the primary targets the Bears have listed are no longer avaliable as C/G Mike Pouncey, All 5 of the "Big 5" OTs including Derek Sherrod, and the majority of 1st round quality DTs are gone. Aaron Williams is still on the board however and they may take him, but when looking at the next few teams afterwords none of them have a serious interest in him, and perhaps he may be there in the second round. Then there is of coarse Marcus Cannon, yet that may be too big of a reach all on its' own. Of coarse Jake Locker is still there but, we already have our QB and we certainly dont need to consider drafting one. Suddenly the phone rings and on the line are the Arizona Cardinals, who desprately want Jake Locker and are willing to offer their 2nd, 3rd, and a 2012 pick in exchange for the 29th overall selection. This is just what we needed, as we now can aquire more picks while still having 1st round quality picks around for the taking. So, we trade down and Arizona jumps back into the first round to select Jake Locker.

  Now, for the draft itself.

  With the 38th overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

He was the player we anticipated on falling this far, as for an unknown reason he has had a fall in recent mocks. He had a great career playing for the Longhorns and is more than ready for the next step. He has great size and speed who also is an extreamly forcefull hitter in close quarters, as well as having a real nose for the ball topped with good coverage skills. All and all an ideal fit as a CB in the Tampa 2 adjacent from Tillman. We need to strengthen our secondary as good coverage creates opportunities for our D-Lineman to faceplant opposing QBs into the turf. Plus after what we saw in the NFCCG unfortunately Tim Jennings is not the answer to our issues at CB, he is just way too small and gets picked on way too easily. Aaron WIlliams would be a great way to bulk up a legit issue with our Defense.

  With the 62nd overall selection of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select: , Marcus Cannon,   O-Lineman, TCU

Now we begin to adress our most pressing issue, the O-Line. It was not so much just on either the LT or the RT, but the Guards were by far (especially LG) the weakest links on the O-Line. You want to see a 6-5 350+ pound player move like Olin Kreutz back in his glory days, this is your guy. And not only is he big, he is nasty. But all his brutality has a balance of good form and technique, something no one else on the O-Line has. With our current line it was either great strength/poor technique or weak/solid technique as no one had a real balance. Marcus Cannon would be a real big step in the right direction for our O-Line, as he could be a solid tackle, but I see him as a Guard here in Chicago, a position he will absolutely thrive at with Tice coaching him up.

Now entering the 3rd round

  With the 70th overall selection of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select: Kenrick Ellis, DT, Hampton  

Now this is a selection where I am sure a good number of people are saying "What?!" as I easily could place Terrell McClain here. But, the first issue is that the Bears already seem preppared to make a run at Cullen Jenkins as well as pushing a young Henry Melton to meet greatness as a DT, and you add Matt Toeina to the mix and you have three 3 tech DTs already on the roster. Plus a real need would be at Nose, as Anthony Adams is our only real NT and he may be leaving when FA hits again, and Marcus Harrison has developed into a bust. Do the math and you are left with 1 potentially 0 true NTs on our roster. That is not good as the NT is what gets both the 3T free and puts additional pressure on the QB. Without a real pressance the D-Line is in trouble. Enter the giant 6-4 346 pound (!) DT from Hampton: Kenrick Ellis. He not only is...well...HUGE, but according to this he is also every bit as fast as Terrell McClain and he has very good penetration skills. Plus, he is at his best when stuffing the run, a rather athletic guy for his size. He reminds me of say Shaun Rogers who played for Hot Rod and was a beast in the Tampa 2 despite being an extra large player himself. The way I see it an unofficial goal of the Bears is to get more beef in the trenches, and adding Kenrick Ellis would be a very good way to do so

However, Terrell McClain would also be a great choice here,  Im fine with either player so take your choice.

  With the 94th overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select: John Moffitt, O-Lineman, Winsconsin

In this draft we need to eventually find the heir to Olin Kreutz's throne, and Moffitt would be an excellent choice. He was a beast for the Badgers last year and could be either a Guard or a Center, so his versitality is well suited for us. If needed you can kick him at Guard for a year to gain experiance then when Kreutz retires he can take over.

Now the 4th round ( from this point on I don't know their exact place in round)

  With their 4th round selection the Chicago Bears select: Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State

He is a big target at 6'3 209 and he has hands of glue. We have all the speed in the world with Johnny Knox and Devin Hester, so a big target who is aggresive is most needed in our corps. He is extreamly physical and does not get knocked off easily, he will fight for every ball that is thrown his way in traffic. Plus, he is faster than his 40 time indicates as well as the fact with his size, route running and strength getting seperation should not be a problem for him. If you really want to go after his speed, look at HOF WR Jerry Rice, who clocked at a near identical time. Did he have a tough time getting open? I dont think so.

And the 5th round

  With their 5th round selection the Chicago Bears select: Taiwan Jones, RB, Eastern Washington

Taiwan Jones is a great RB who should be a 3rd rounder, but I see otherwise. With his impessive 4.35 speed comes his smallish stature at 6'0 198 pounds. That combined with a small college and a rather shallow RB class comes a rather harsh drop in the draft. It is not at the fault of his own per say, its just the draft class itself. Anyways he would be a great and much needed scat back for us as he has great hands to go with his speed. Shoot if you really want you can convert him into a WR. I would still keep him as a RB as if he could gain just a little more weight and keep it, he would be a great replacement for Chester Taylor. Some of us want to see a big bruiser drafted, the way I see it Matt Forte is a powerful runner all on his own and we have the prospect of Harvey Unga who is 6'1 240+ pounds. What we miss is a burner, and Taiwan Jones would fill the need beautifully in our scheme. Plus, I have him as the super sleeper of the draft. Noel Divine is an option as well, just no where near as good as Taiwan Jones.

Finally the 6th round

  With their 6th round selection the Chicago Bears select: Mark Herzlich, LB, Boston College

Sadfully will come the day when Brian Urlacher is no longer in the NFL, and we also need a good player for the Sam LB position. Mark Herzlich fills the mold of Brian Urlacher perfectly, as he is a big LB yet is a mobile man for his size. Plus, he would be a great fit as a Sam for the time being as he possesses good coverage and tackling skills. When Urlacher retires a good ways down the road, Herzlich would easily step in as a good player at the MLB postition. At worst he would be a great special teams player.


  There you have it Bears fans, my final mock draft as I feel a good majority of needs are filled in this draft.  I decided not to take a pure OT for the sole reason that outside the "Big 5" there is no one to my eyes that can step in immediately and be a sure starter over say J'Marcus Webb or Chris Williams for the matter. Plus, that is where Marcus Cannon comes in as well as FA, where unlike the draft is full of solid veteran OTs such as Tyson Claybo and Jared Gaither. So, what do you guys think?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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