The Bears Den: June 3, 2011

...where it's not a lie if you believe it.

Bears coaches did not support brief | Larry Mayer: Bears coaches did not approve of or even know about the brief the NFL Coaches Association filed last week, asking that the league's owners end the lockout. I'm all for good brief support.

How well do you know the Bears? | Larry Mayer: You've memorized Jay Cutler's passer rating and Brian Urlacher's statistics as well. But how much do you know about Bears players off the field.

What were Payton's stats as kick returner? | Larry discusses how Walter Payton performed as a kick returner, Herman Johnson's prospects for the season and if Julius Peppers attended Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Miami.

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Arrested deputy is NFL star's dad :: WRAL.comArrested deputy is NFL star's dad :: George Thomas Kurney, 50, of N.C. Highway 581 in Bailey, is the father of Julius Peppers.

Chicago Bears: Lighten up, age is just a number - Dan Pompei: Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman takes exception to words as he ignores Father Time.

Mullin: Bears best-ever linebackers | View From the Moon When looking at the history of Bears linebackers, you encounter some heavy hitters including Brian Urlacher, Dick Butkus and George Connors. But, who is the best?'s John Mullin counts them down. Smart man.

Inside the NFL's Super-Secret Meeting | NBC Chicago | Grizzly Detail Maggie Hendricks: The NFL's most powerful players are meeting in the suburbs. We'll (pretend to) take you inside.

Bears, Eagles, Jets join opposition to NFLCA brief | ProFootballTalk Mike Florio: If the NFL Coaches Association wishes to engage in activities that reflect the wishes of its membership, the NFL Coaches Association should perhaps change its name.  Perhaps to something like "Not the NFL Coaches Association.

After secret NFL labor meetings, Jerry Jones says both sides are 'trying' - Brad Biggs: DeMaurice Smith gave a sign of two thumbs up from a limousine as he was driven away from Hotel Baker in St. Charles on Thursday morning. Next stop, Popeye's.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Best and Worst Run Stop Rates 2010 Interesting breakdown and no Bears to be found...uh...uh-oh.

Ryan Leaf might need radiation treatment if tumor gets bigger | National Football Post Aaron Wilson: Part of tumor couldn't be removed.

Steve Spurrier pay players: South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier proposes play to pay players - Chicago Breaking Sports Rachel George: South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier got support from six other SEC coaches for a plan to pay players $300 per game.

Think this lockout is strange? Wait until you hear about '87 - NFL - Football The 1987 NFL strike lasted only 24 days, but don't let that fool you. There was still plenty of crazy, enough to shame this current imbroglio. Just ask the Steelers who lived through it, Chuck Finder says.

JOE PATERNO: "I WOULD HAPPILY GIVE PLAYERS A BUFFALO NICKEL EACH GAME." - Every Day Should Be Saturday News, analysis and opinion from the fan perspective.

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