Poll: Who is the Thrid Free Agent that the Bears should Retain?

In just two days, this free agency has made "Free Agent Frenzy" difficult to define. Deals are flying out everywhere. The Bears are yet to look at other teams free agents, but they have been hard at work with their draft picks and own free agents. With that being said, lets review the results from the last poll:

With 57% of the votes, Anthony Adams is, in your opinion, the second Bear the Bears should be focused on retaining after Olin Kreutz.

Bringing AA back would be pretty reasonable, even though he will get less playing time and might not even start with the drafting of Stephen Paea and the possibility of a breakout season for Henry Melton. Still, AA is a dominant force in the run game. The defensive players respect him and the coaches respect him, which would make re-signing him an easy decision.

While the Bears will be focused on retaining those guys, these guys could still be on the list:

Danieal Manning(SS/Kick Returner) 5-year veteran. All 5 years with the Bears who drafted him in 2006. Over those 5 years, he has played in 77 games starting 56 of the 77. Has recorded 278 tackles with 2 sacks, 24 passes defended, 7 interceptions and 6 forced fumbles. But his real value is on special teams. Took over on kick returns for Devin Hester midway through the 2008 season and lead the league in kickoff return yards from that point on while ranking among the league leaders the next 2 years.

Pisa Tinoisamoa(LB) 8-year veteran. Spent his first six years as a solid linebacker with the Rams before the Bears signed him in 2009. Played in just 2 games that year due to a knee injury, but the Bears still decided to re-sign him. In 2010, played in 12 games, starting 10 of them. In '10 recorded 33 tackles(40 total) with 1 sack, 1 pass defended, and 1 forced fumble.

Corey Graham(CB/Special Teamer): 4-year veteran. Spent all four years with the Bears. While he has mostly only been used for special teams he has made the most of it, and it payed off big last year as he was among the league leaders with 25 solo tackles on special teams. Matt Bowen said that re-signing him should be a priority, and his production would be hard to replace and losing him would hurt our special teams.

And added to the poll:

Nick Roach(LB): 4-year veteran. All four years with the Bears. Played in 48 games over his career, starting 30. Over those games, recorded 95 solo tackles(130 total) with two sacks, 6 passes defended, and 4 forced fumbles

Rashied Davis(WR/Special Teamer): 6-year veteran. All 6 years with the Bears. Played in 92 games, starting 15 of them at Wide Reciever. Over his career, has recorded 88 receptions with 1,032 yards and 5 touchdowns. Valuable special teamer as a coverage man.

NOTE: If you vote "Other" please explain your reasoning by leaving a comment.

This will be the last free agent to retain poll I make(not that the Bears can only resign 3 of their free agents)

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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