FA recap for the Chicago Bears and what we can hope for in the near future

   First and foremost FA is not over with yet, so deals can still be made by the Bears. This is a quick summary of the UFAs we have signed/re-signed this week and how they can impact the team overall. And again anything can happen between now and Monday or whenever the Bears strike again in FA. Follow me after the jump to read in on how we have done thus far, and what we should expect in the near future.


   So as of this Friday night we have signed/re-signed 10 players onto the team, and they are:

WR Roy Williams

WR Sam Hurd

TE Matt Spaeth

DE Vernon Gholston

DT Anthony Adams

LB Nick Roach

QB Caleb Hanie

FB Will Ta'ufo'ou

P   Adam Podlesh

C  Edwin Williams


CB Corey Graham

  None of those names are commanding a high salary and for whatever reason it is we still have a lot of cash under the cap in store for something. Is it all for Matt Forte and his contract extension? Probably not, as we aim to retain Olin Kreutz and even though when you add in the UDFAs we signed to come up with a total of 90 players, anyone of those UDFAs or even some of our current players could be cut to make room for further additions. Anyways as of now we basically have kept most of the corps of our team. All of those players are solid additions to the team as more additions are on the way. What we need now is to both re-obtain Olin Kreutz and add a good Guard at the least.

 There are a few players on that list to keep a close eye on entering the new season, and probably the first name people eyeball is Roy Williams.

  As it stands from that list Roy Williams is our "splash" and here is why. When Greg Olsen was traded to the Panthers word was that the Bears would be pursuing a WR that fits into Mike Martz and his offense. When the Dallas Cowboys started releasing players the very first player to get noticed was Roy Williams, who underachieved in Dallas after being aquired from Detroit for a 1st and 3rd round pick back in 2008. When he was under Martz in Detroit in particular the 2006 season he recorded both his best season and his lone Pro-Bowl apperance. He hasn't been the same player ever since. He only is on a 1 year contract and he aims to prove he still is a good WR, being reunited with both his former OC in Mike Martz and his former WR coach from Texas in Darryl Drake. This can be compared to the situation with Albert Haynesworth and the Patriots, in that we aren't giving up a lot if much at all for him and if he reverts himself into his top form under Martz, then we have a top WR on our hands. Otherwise, we simply get rid of him if he turns into a flop. Remember its not like he is 34+ like Randy Moss was when he went to the Patriots in 2007, and we all know how well that turned out. Roy Williams is only 29 years old and if he has a chance to return to stardom, its with us. Not the consensus favorite amongst us Bears fans, but when considering all of the factors then what do we have to lose?

  Anyways to re-emphasize the point FA is not over, and there are still great O-Lineman available that we can sign to resolve our issues on the front 5. Just because when factoring Kreutz we come up with 90 players does not mean we can't/won't make moves to open roster space. Heck only 53 players are going to be on the final roster anyways, that 37 players will be cut. So lets not hit the panic button...yet.

  So sound off Bears fans: who do you believe out of the current players signed will make the largest impact, and who do you (out of the available O-LIneman, obviously) want the Bears to make moves for? And remember, FA is not over my fellow Bears fans.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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