Free Agent Countdown


Just a quick list I threw together to track guys not yet signed that may fit the Bears needs, notably Offensive Line players and Cornerbacks, with a couple other unlikely but possible players


  1. OG Carl Nicks: Tendered for a 1st by New Orleans, maybe we get a trade in for his rights or sack the 1st rounder to sign an elite Left Guard.
  2. OT Jared Gaither: An OT that almost signed in Oakland...Did he fail the physical, or is he ready to play? Because when he did play in Baltimore, he was rock solid. Baltimore letting him go didn't surprise me, they have two other starters and Gaither wasn't going to take swing tackle money.
  3. OG Justin Blalock: A very talented, young Left Guard coming out of Atlanta. They have money tied up in the Clabo/Bushrod deals, maybe Blalock escapes to us? Edit, re-signed in Atlanta
  4. OT Ryan Harris: A talented Right Tackle coming out of Denver...He used to protect Cutler back when Cutler hit the pro-bowl, and is a good player with some injury history.
  5. OT Matt Light: A 1-2 year stop gap out of NE? B.B. usually knows when to let guys go and I fear an Orlando Pace repeat, but Light was not bad last year and knows how to win.
  6. OT Sean Locklear: Health issues abound, but he is a decent Right Tackle that can contain speed rushers on the edge...More finesse than power
  7. OT Jamaal Brown: Probably the best blocker on the Washington line to be honest, I really like Brown in pass and run blocking...If we wanted another "starting" tackle so we could cut loose Omiyale and let Webb/Carimi battle for the other starting spot/swing spots, I like Brown.
  8. OC Jonathan Goodwin: a 10 year vet, and an anchor for the N.O. line...If we can't keep Kreutz, steal someone else's leader. Unlikely with the Spencer signing
  9. OC Lyle Sendlein: A decent Center, 5 years into his career in Arizona. I would like this signing. Edit, Sendlein signed with Cardinals.
  10. OC Chris Spencer: Seattle's veteran Center. I like this one too, a 7 year vet who is above average but not elite. Now a Chicago Bear
  11. OT Jeremy Trueblood: A nasty, dirty O-Lineman who can be a stud on the right side. I hate him playing against us, and that means I'd probably like him playing for us.
  12. OC Sean O'Hara: Giants let him go for a reason, he is their version of Kreutz. He is tapering off and won't necessarily stay healthy or blow up the line anytime soon...Unlikely with the Spencer signing


  1. Brent Grimes: Falcons, not the most disciplined as he likes to jump routes, but a quick and smooth starting corner.
  2. Antonio Cromartie: Over-rated in my book, but a decent cover corner. His reputation is based on a 10 interception season that he has not come close to replicating since, and his tackling/zone discipline leave something to be desired. Re-Signed in NY(J).
  3. Brandon Carr: Not the best "run with him stride for stride" deep coverage guy, and can lose folks on a double move, but a solid and quick corner.
  4. Carlos Rodgers: If he could catch, he would have been a top 10 FA this year and gotten paid like it...But he can't. I could settle for great coverage though, how about you?
  5. Kelvin Hayden: Injury issues are the only set back here for an explosive, cover 2, play making corner. Can you live with only 8-10 games of it?
  6. Asante Samuel: Not a great tackler, but a great coverage guy with soft hands...not a "Free" agent, but up for trade.


WIDE RECEIVER: We are done here, but I thought I'd throw the discontent a bone. You'll know these names.

  1. WR Malcolm Floyd
  2. WR James Jones Resigned in GB

Who am I missing you guys really want? This was just a quick list, and I apologize if a couple have signed already, my tracker for the NFL may be behind schedule...but it paints a nice picture of some serious availability of O-Line guys who are better than others we currently use (Garza, C. Williams, F. Omiyale, the hole that used to be Olin Kreutz)

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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