I am done respecting Jerry Angelo

As the lockout finally got wrapped up two weeks ago, it was more than just the end of a long wait. It was more importantly the beginning able to once again see all the players in action, and follow the management as they go forward to bolster our team and address the holes in the roster with quality players, as they prepare to challenge Green Bay for the division title. It is not very often that you have a team that has so much potential, so close to reaching a Super Bowl berth, with so much money to spend and leap forward. For the first time since that horrendous performance against the Colts more than four years ago, Chicago fans can finally embrace the possibility of having a perrenial contender in the NFL. It seems the management has finally made the aggrressive moves to make a push for the promised land. After being pleased with the draft, I have also been content with a majority of the moves in this incredibly short and fast paced off season.

This post has nothing to do with Kreutz not being re-signed, nor is it about Greg Olsen being traded away. And before all the "meathead!" chants come, I want to make it clear that I have always supported Jerry Angelo's efforts and services toward this organization. I have always been on the optimistic side of his moves and have always been with this team moving forward for the best. I believe that the Cutler trade and the Peppers signing have been some of the best Chicago Sports moves in recent times. However, you cannot simply forget all the draft busts, botched deals, and poor decisions in the past. They don't go away. They will always sit in the back of my head. I can't lament about those things, though. The future of the team is what really matters.

After reading this in the paper today, I can say with full honesty that I will never again respect this petty imbecile. Taking risks and making mistakes is part of any GM's job. However, his conduct in that press conference is disgusting, and displayes the most unproffessional character I have seen. Every year I support the Chicago Bears with enthusiasm and hope, only to get horse manure rubbed in my face, as our team once again gets plagued by one recurring weakness that he has lazily, and now arrogantly failed to address. I will not continue to fall for his unworthy excuses any more.
"Hey, it’s tough," Angelo said. "These offensive linemen are tough to find.
Really? The easiest thing a person in any field can say is "It's tough." He has been working in the scouting and management business for thirty years. You had an offensive line that gave up 52 sacks and countless pressures last year, and you're telling me one draft pick was the only better thing you can find?
We just can’t run up and down the starting line, get a guy with a few games under his belt with NFL experience and think that’s the answer.
So he is against putting guys with "a few games under their belt" in the starting lineup, yet last last year the Bears use Edwin Williams, Chris Williams at a totally different position, Lance Louis a 7th round pick with no experience, and J'Marcus Webb, another 7th rounder with no previous experience. Again, that was Mike Tice who made those decisions, but who was the one that gave Tice that personnell? Angelo. Hypocrite?
It’s the best we could do. That’s all we could do. Everybody has an opinion, they need this, they need that. Well, tell me who you want. Who should we look at? Give me names. Don’t tell me about our problems, give me solutions. I’m in the solution business. Not identifying the problems. You guys do a great job of identifying our problems. How about a few solutions?"
That is the BEST Angelo could do??? ALL he could do??? With millions left to work with and over 20 names available on the market, and he asks for names on top of that. Maybe he was actually honest to us for once at the end -- He does suck at identifying problems. The best solution is actually one word: RESIGN.

Apparently, not everyone is as thoroughly disgusted by our "GM"'s words and actions. I still want this offensive line, and the whole team to succeed and go above and beyond the main stream media's expectations. But I won't fall for Jerry's stunts anymore. Ultimately, there are more important things personally, in my life. Atleast I'm young, and there's more than enough time for countless titles in the future. Can't say the same for the players though.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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