Our Chicago Bears Played (meh?) But We Were There...

This is Jay Cutler. Is he... A) Smiling B) Leering C) Sneering D) Chillin' with his i-pod?...... Only the media know for sure......

Well, I'll say they played with effort.  Except for that one guy who didn't have "intensity".  The offensive line looked, well, offensive, so at least they live up to the billing.  The running game looked stellar after our #1 had exactly no carries, our #2 ran directly into the defenders instead of, I don't know, around or over them.  So basically we showed we have some pretty good depth because the starting two decided to take *the night off.   The defense certainly looked solid.  Love Okoye.  Juries out on Gholston.   Special teams looked, quite frankly, special, so they live up to the billing as well.  The overall theme of the night appeared to be.... "Why?"  As in "why can't we figure it out on the offensive line?"  This was followed by some lamenting that the season would be over if we didn't do something soon and others pointing out that this was just one preseason game and we should all just calm down.  Quite frankly, everybody's right on this one.  But you guys did manage some pretty funny stuff so let's get on to the Best of The In Game Thread.....

*One of them was actually (basically) given the night off.  The other may just suck....


Soldier Field, oh how we love thee....


Savor the field.  For in thirty seconds, it will go back to resembling the dilfer (edit) we all know and… well, know.  -SJS_Illini


ya who fornicating (edit) knew water was good for grass -jfish 1219

Welcome back football.....

BEAR SEXUAL INTERCOURSE (edit) DOWN!!!! Feels good to type f-bombs, and drink some beers for da bears. And to hear Thayer and Joniak. And to hear Gould’s name. FINALLY (edit) YEAH! - iowa Bear


Because we all know how well this play went over in the post season...


Martz:  “Let’s see if this play works in the preseason.”  Me: “STOP RUNNING THE PLAY.”  -SJS_illini


Great observation....


Looked alot like a Maynard kick..only more expensive.. -Trfabotta

Just cause....

It's good to see Urlacher shedding blockers. -BWoodrum


Dhani Jones says what? -SJS_illini

It’s Dave.  Really.  Just Dave.

Is Hanie really coming in?  Man, I really wanted Jay for a couple series. Ah well, it’s early. And Just Dave called it  -iowa Bear

Not sure what this mean but when the man (Thomas?) speaks I listen....

Hanie doing his best Cutler imitation  -Ed_Brown

I love great banter....

Is the starting OLine still in? -shawndgoldman


Did you not see all the sacks? -TheMan1


I did... I take that as a yes? -shawndgoldman


Yes  -TheMan1


Nice sense of optimism here...


Look on the bright side…we’re going to get plenty of opportunities to evaluate Podlesh’s punting.  -Sweetness Lives On


Pithy, yet understated with a just a hint of remorse...


Our offensive line is playing like it's made up of...a rookie, a couple of 7th round draft picks and a couple of guys playing out of their natural position. Oh, wait… -Smudgers

After I lamented the typical Lovie “We like our O-line” crap I get...


Not as much as Shawne Merriman.  -Shawndgoldman




What happened to not just wanting the ice cream cone, but some sprinkles too? This O-Line is as good as diarrhea flavored ice cream.  -dakoose


On the side of “well said”...


Damn.....Barber is a big boy.  -Dakoose


thats the idea  -Bears-Cubs Bulls

For sheer imagery in refenence to Robbie Gould we get....

The guy's got long, swan-like legs and at the end of those legs... feet like wrecking balls!  -frenchbears 113

Just because I love this man (Harvey?) (insert Wayne’s World quote about platonic love here)...

it took my dog 5 minutes to fetch a beer. :o(  -Ed_Brown

Then we have this exchange...

Did Lovie smile? Holy smoke willy nilly! (Completely unedited, I swear) Am I dead? -Boriuka79


Preseason, he's trying things out. Don’t worry poop face will be locked in for real gamedays  -TheMan1


This is gold and documented with a link... (and completely disgusting)...


Les Frazier released Mckinnie cause he was a big problem w leaking shit out last yr. I believe you can get adult diapers for that sort of thing. Robbie Tobeck once played a game while suffering from a bout of diarrhoea. The account of that sounded nasty; one of the assistant coaches had to tell Matt Hasslebeck to stop licking his fingers…



Because I threatened it in the thread and for no other reason (best out of context and unpunctuated)....

yes david taylors twitter -Dilfer_The_Dbag

This is what I call spiffy banter replete with a “set up man” or immaculate timing, either way...

love how Urlacher took a shot at the field being shitty during that interview -Dilfer_The_Dbag


had to slip it in didn't he  -Bears-Cubs Bulls


He's good at slipping it in I hear -Johnathon Thompson


TWSS  -SJS_illini

Better without punctuation (as originally posted) leaves itself open to interpretation...

However I like how he pounds a hole once he commits Its mandatory for a guy without Chris Johnson quickness  -Bears-Cubs Bulls


Great comebacker on a clear typo/drunken post (as if there’s any other way?) ...

Surprosed? Isn't that like surprising with prose?  -frenchbears113

So that's them for this week folks.  The winners?  Ed_Brown (Reggie?), Bears-Cubs Bulls, Marion Freakin' Barber, Mike Martz, dakoose, confused former contributors now being called by their former contributor names, the Chicago BEARS (Hells yeah!!) and Allie (cause she always wins even when she's noticeably absent) plus everyone who took the time to post.  Basically when we win, we ALL win.  But it was a great effort and it was fun to see some new contributors.  A warm welcome to all!  We'll have another game this coming weekend so that means another "Best Of" thread next Wednesday.  Hope to see you all (or as many as can make it) this weekend in the In Game Thread.  Hopefully we'll get the O line crap figured out by then cause it's the Giants so (ugh) ....
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