The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; (Preseason) Week 3

   In a much closer game, albeit still a loss, the Bears looked much better in all phases this week. 1st team offense looked spectacular in the 1st half, but there will still performances that were rather bad and downright ugly tonight. Follow me after the jump to see more, and to sound off on who you think was good, bad, and ugly.


   To start things off, I will be praying for Desmond Clark tonight, as I hope his injury isn't bad enough to keep him out for a long period of time.


   As described before the jump, overall a much better performance by the team in general this week. Effort was there, big plays were made, Cutler looked great again, and our O-Line...outstanding. There is one player, in particular, who will earn the "Good" award by a landslide.


   The Good: Earl Bennett

He played like a man possessed tonight, running great routes and catching 6 passes for 89 yards. If anything, either this performance will mean the 3 WR look will be a staple for our offense, and/or Bennett needs to be 1 of the 2 primary starters. Oh, and his recs weren't like they were just dump off passes, rather they were straight up bombs most of the time. And he certainly played better than his fellow WR....


   The Bad: Roy Williams

Hey, he did catch a couple passes tonight. But overall, his performance was unacceptable; he should have never allowed that int to happen in the 1st place. And I didn't like his attitude neither, at times he was described as "uninterested" and he definitely dropped a couple of easy ones tonight. You know what thats called Roy? Loafing! But, again he did actually catch some passes tonight, so it wasn't a complete disaster, nor was it near as bad as my "Ugly" nominee...


   The Ugly: Caleb Hanie

The only similarity between Hanie (NFFCG) and Hanie (Present) was the pick 6 he threw which resulted in being the game winning TD. He was just bad, missing on easy reads and with great protection, dropped back and threw some ducks. I really am starting to wonder if Hanie will wind up being one of those infamous "1 game wonders". I also wonder if Nate Enderle, who didn't play tonight, will get the nod as the #2 QB. Anyways, Caleb...c'mon man!


   Honorable mention: 1st team offense

From start to end, Cutler and company looked sharp tonight. The starting O-Line surrendered 0 sacks tonight (when was the last time we've seen that?), while paving lanes for Matt Forte in the running game. Red Zone offense was a definite improvement, and again with such good protection Jay Cutler managed to attack downfield with authority. Hell even Roy Williams got in the action with 2 recs on 5(?) targets. A real balanced performance, from start to end with this group.


   With 1 more preseason game left on the schedule, I throw a challenge to this offense; Get a passing TD! I've been anxious to see Cutler's name pop up on the stats sheet with a TD next to it. I swear hes the 1 notable starting QB without a TD 3 weeks into the preseason. Lets get a TD for #6!


   That aside, sound off Bears fans!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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