Analyze my draft!

I figured to give some debate and discussion today, I'd toss this out. I'll also give you a little bit of my thought process as well:

First of all, a few descriptions:

I'm in a keeper $100 auction league. Normally, we get to franchise one player which increases their costs by 10%, and keep a maximum of two rookies at $1 for two years. Anyone else on our roster we have right of first refusal on. However, with the sale of Fanball, they scrapped all of our worth history, so we were able to keep two rookies and the rest of our players were set to $1 and we were unable to franchise anyone. So our auction was a little borked this year, but on the upside, we had more fun than we've had in the past few years, so we're considering keeping the format and adding in the franchised player.

There's twelve teams, and the scoring is pretty basic. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, 1K, and 1 DEF. 1 pt 25 yds passing, 1 pt 10 yds rushing or receiving. 4 pts for thrown TDs. 6 pts for rushing or receiving TDs. 2 pts for 2 pt conversions. 3 pts for any FG, 1 pt for any XP. Returned kicks and punts go to the player receiving and not the Team D. Team D scores 1 pt for sacks, 2 pts for fumbles or INTs, and 6 pts for turnover TDs and blocked FG/punt TDs.

That said, let's get on with the show!

My rookies from last year were LeGarette Blount (RB, TB) and C J Spiller (RB BUF). I removed the rookie tag from C J Spiller and used it wth the third rookie pick for Daniel Thomas (RB, MIA). Julio Jones (WR, ATL) and Mark Ingram (RB, NO). As a note, no QBs went in the Rookie round this year. 

With that over, the raiding round commenced. I went after low, first tier players, dropping $25 on Jamaal Charles (RB KC), $20 on Hakeem Nicks (WR NYG), and $26 on Michael Vick (QB PHI). I originally tried to grab Aaron Rodgers (QB GB (you knew that, but consistency, y'know?)), but he went up to $35 dollars which ended up being the highest paid player of the year. Additionally, all of these were done within the first two raiding rounds (first 24 picks). Since most people seemed to be bidding conservatively, (aside from Aaron Rodgers). I felt it would be good to get my players early and get out. I got Marques Colston (WR, NO) for $8, and Dallas Clark (TE, IND) for $10. But that was it. For my remaining raiding choices, I used it to toss out the highest ranked player on some of the other teams so they wouldn't squeak through on their roster for a dollar.) The players on my roster that survived were C J Spiller (still technically a RB, BUF) and the Lions D.

The final bidding round was uneventful. All except a few players were down to the low teens with their remaining cash, except for a few who just hadn't spent their money. I'm still surprised someone paid $2 for Kyle Rudolph (considering he could've been gotten as a rookie for a buck), but that may have been a booze buy. I ended up being the last player with roster spots to fill and ended up with the following: Jason Campbell $1 (QB, OAK), Steve Smith $1 (WR, CAR), Marcedes Lewis $1, (TE, JAC) Josh Brown $2 (K, STL), Nick Folk $1(K, NYJ), Kansas City D, $1.

So, the final roster looks like this:

Campbell, Jason OAK QB - 8 $1
Vick, Michael PHI QB - 7 $26
Blount, LeGarrette TBB RB - 8 $1 rookie
Charles, Jamaal KCC RB - 6 $25
Spiller, C.J. BUF RB - 7 $1
Thomas, Daniel MIA RB - 5 $1 rookie
Colston, Marques NOS WR (P) - 11 $8
Nicks, Hakeem NYG WR - 7 $20
Smith, Steve CAR WR - 9 $1
Clark, Dallas IND TE (P) - 11 $10
Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE - 9 $1
Brown, Josh STL PK - 5 $2
Folk, Nick NYJ PK - 8 $1
Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def - 6 $1
Lions, Detroit DET Def - 9 $1

So, whaddya think?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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