My Post Game Thought; Bears Strong Message To Rest Of NFL.

   After basically being viewed as underdogs vs. Matt Ryan and the "High Powered" offense of Atlanta, it was anything but close as the Bears virtually owned the Falcons in all 3 phases of the game. Lets break the team down to catagories to see just how dominant each position was today. Da Bears!!!


   A little history was made today, the Bears as a team scored more points today than in any season opener in over 16 years. Thats foreshadows this post quite well. And it wasn't like the Defense along with Hester scored 23 points and the Offense just 7, it was just the opposite. 23 points were scored by Jay Cutler and comp. with a sweet contribution from Urlacher to bring the total to a formidable 30 points. Nothing went right for the Falcons, and the Bears made damn sure that wouldn't happen in the first place.



Just a great game all-round. Need to get some more consistancy in the running game, and pass pro still needs a bit of work, but otherwise this offense OWNED Atlanta. Jay Cutler went over 300 yards for the 15th time in his career, Matt Forte got over 150 combined yards, and Roy Williams was rather impressive in his regular season debut. For the most part in such a reduced football year, the Offense coached by Mike Martz really clicked, a ton of improvement over last year right off the bat. And, if that O-Line can just keep improving in all departments, this could very well be the high-powered offense we have been praying for generations now in Chicago.



Just WOW! 5 Sacks generated by D-Line (Peppers and Melton combined for 4, Okoye got himself 1 as well) and after a rough start, generated some nice take-a-ways in key moments of the game. Brian Urlacher looks better than ever, 10 tackles with a very athletic int topped off with a fumble recovery for a TD (produced by Peppers btw). The biggest highlight, our DTs. They flat out ruined Matt Ryan's day, helping to hold him to 0 TDs and a pick, sacking him 3 times with just 2 players in a beefed up Henry Melton and a vastely improved Amobi Okoye. Complete domination by our D.


   Special Teams

Robbie Gould looked great, hardly giving the Falcons somewhat dangerous return game any real chance of a KOR while being perfect at FGs going 3/3 for the day. Coverage looked fantastic too, its real nice that we kept Corey Graham with his 3 tackles. For a unit with much concern from the preseason, they did well.


From the first KO to the final play, the Bears just went beast-mode against a team viewed as Super Bowl contenders by most of the big media folk. With this big-time W comes the facts Jay Cutler is a leader, our D has no real issues what-so-ever, and our Special Teams looks good as usual. I hearby declare the Bears as Super Bowl contenders, and this impressive W is my arguement.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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