Weekly Review: Week 1 Picks


Well...I figured I'd start a little regular series here on WCG. I haven't seen many posts about the entire slate of games for the upcoming week; so, I'm gonna start one. Enjoy my potentially crazy, perhaps misinformed, and hopefully entertaining picks and predictions. Let's take the jump... it's the maiden post of this series, I'll explain what it'll look like: A look back at the previous teams predictions, with a brief summary (maybe), followed by my picks for this week (another article), with (somewhat) coherent reasons and a prediction or two. Without any more filibusterin', let's get this thing started!

Saints @ Packers - My Prediction: Saints; Actual Score: 42-34, Packers
Talk about a shootout! Brees and Rodgers provided a fireworks display worthy of the Fourth of July. And defense wins what, exactly? (And no, you will never see me pick the Packers. Unless the Lions are hot on our tail for a playoff spot/division lead, always gonna pick against the cheeseheads. Probably will even if the Lions are threatening...)

Falcons @ Bears - My Prediction: DA BEARS!; Actual Score: 30-12, BEARS
Bears played well in all phases. Defense looks ready to kill out there; Cutler was on point; Forte needs a new contract; Special teams were above average...which, for the Bears, is better than most teams (no one glance toward the Southwest...especially not Cali...especia...yea).

Steelers @ Ravens - My Prediction: Ravens; Actual Score: 35-7, Ravens(!)
Shocker numero uno of the week. Not sure what's higher, the Ravens score or the average age of the starters on Pitt's D...not saying that they're bad...just...they were bad. 

Bengals @ Browns - My Prediction: Browns; Actual Score: 27-17, Bengals
Andy Dalton started the game quite nicely. Due to an injury, Bruce Gradkowski was forced into action. He also found success against the Browns D. Colt McCoy showed almost nothing from his rather promising preseason performances.

Colts @ Texans - My Prediction: Texans; Actual Score: 34-7, Texans
No Peyton, no points. Wade Phillips showed what he can do, albeit against a shaky O-line and a graybeard QB. Texans O was solid, even without Arian Foster. Scary, even if it was against the Colts' D.

Titans @ Jaguars - My Prediction: Jaguars; Actual Score: 16-14, Jaguars
MJD showed up, CJ...not so much. MJD sure does talk the talk (or tweet the tweet. whatever.), but he has no problem walking the walk (or run like an enlimbed bowling ball).

Bills @ Chiefs - My Prediction: Bills; Actual Score: 41-7, Bills
Fitzpatrick threw for 4 TDs. He's also a(-n?...Spongie, some help here) Harvard grad. Chiefs looked rusty. Unfortunately, they lost rising star Eric Berry. Huge hit for that D. 

Eagles @ Rams - My Prediction: Rams; Actual Score: 31-13, Eagles
"Dream Team" or not, the Eagles played well in this game. Particulary LeSean McCoy, who seemed to carry both the Eagles and my bro's fantasy team. Rams might have a problem if Bradford's injury is severe.

Lions @ Bucs - My Prediction: Bucs; Actual Score: 27-20, Lions
IF he stays healthy, Stafford can lead this team to the playoffs. IF. Josh Freeman is immensely talented. And he's got the intangibles. He just needs to turn it ON before the 4th quarter. 

Panthers @ Cardinals - My Prediction: Cardinals; Actual Score: 28-21, Cardinals
Wow. Some debut for Cam Newton. A road trip across the country is tough for anyone. All he did was throw for 422 yds and a couple of TDs. Arizona played a decent overall game. Fitzgerald has a QB who seems to be able to throw it up on occasion.

Vikes @ Chargers - My Prediction: Bolts; Actual Score: 24-17, Chargers
Yes, they still have some Special Teams. Mike Tolbert is also a BEAST, in many senses of the word. McNabb struggled, AD did not...

Seahawks @ 49ers - My Prediction: 49ers; Actual Score: 33-17, 49ers
Ted Ginn Jr. is again relevant...for a few days, at least. He joins an exclusive club of men who have returned both a punt and kickoff for a TD in the same game. Seattle had a meh game.

Giants @ Redskins - My Prediction: Redskins; Actual Score: 28-14, Redskins
Good Rex showed up. Manning picked up where he...picked off...whatever. Seriously, though, Redskins looked good, Giants did not. Ryan Kerrigan is a monster.

Cowboys @ Jets - My Prediction: Jets; Actual Score: 27-24, Jets
A thriller to kick off SNF. Both teams had bright spots and mistakes. But honestly, a throw to Darrelle Revis??? Nick Folk surprisingly made the 50-yd game-winner.

Patriots @ Dolphins - My Prediction: Pats; Actual Score: 38-24, Patriots
Tom Brady isn't going to throw for 500 yds in a loss. My opponent in Fantasyland happened to have him. Fortunately, I had Wes Welker. Those two connected for a 99+ yd TD throw. Chad Henne was pretty good. Showed flashes here and there. Needs to look at that fade throw in the endzone...see: Johnson, Calvin.

Raiders @ Broncos - My Prediction: Raiders; Actual Score: 23-20, Raiders
Raiders O played fairly well. Penalties. Their D was basically lights out, especially that D-line. Penalties. Denver's O could barely get anything done until that final drive. Penalties. Special teams were special, with Eric Decker returning a punt 90 yards for the Broncos, and Sebastian Janikowski nailing a record-tying 63-yarder before the half. Oh, there was also a truckload of yellow laundry on the field.

Well, that's all for today, folks. 12-4 to kick it off. Thanks for reading, and I hope that this can continue on and become a successful series. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Feel free to add anything below.

I'll try to post my picks for week 2 before Saturday...

Again, thanks, and BEAR DOWN!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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