Picks and Predictions: Week 2 Review

Week 2. Not so good from the perspective of a Bears fan. We got handed a large slice of good ol' humble pie by dem Saints. And it tasted awful. Except for that meringue that was Matt Forte...166 total yards? Out of 246 for the Bears O? Note to Mike Martz: this man is your offense. He may not be Marshall Faulk, but he can carve a bust next to 'im in Canton if you give him the chance.

On the topic of this series, that game gave me a tick in the WRONG column. Let's see how I fared for the other 15 games, after the jump.

Raiders @ Bills - My Pick: Bills, Actual Score: 38-35, Bills
Talk about a surprise, huh? I'm not sure how many people expected a shootout to take place in Buffalo this week, but those who weren't were pleasantly surprised. This might turn out to be one of the more entertaining games of 2011. Both offenses were firing on all cylinders, as both running backs starred in a game that was ultimately decided by quarterback play.
Prediction: I predicted Chandler to have another monster game. Instead, it was a big receiver out of the slot in David Nelson who had a big game. This in addition to Steve Johnson, a usual suspect, carving up Chris Johnson.

Chiefs @ Lions - My Pick: Lions, Actual Score: 48-3, Detroit
The Chiefs lost RB Jamaal Charles for the season to a torn ACL. Adding insult to injury, the Lions poured it on as Stafford lit up the skies for the second week in a row. The Chiefs look like their season is in serious jeopardy, while the Lions are starting to look like a playoff team.

Ravens @ Titans - My Pick: Ravens, Actual Score: 26-13, Titans
The Ravens did not look like a team that could bash the Steelers 35-7. The Titans did not look like a team that could lose to the Luke McCown-led Jaguars. If consistency is key in the NFL, then a couple of padlocks are gonna remain shut for a little bit longer. Ray Rice and Kenny Britt are having Pro-Bowl seasons thus far.

Browns @ Colts - My Pick: Browns, Actual Score: 27-19, Cleveland
Peyton Manning should be MVP this season. Or MVP(THT)...that's Most Valuable Player (To His Team). Talk about being the face of the franchise. I'm sure the Colts were surprised they got into the double-digits here. The Browns had a decent bounce-back game. Not sure what exactly the Colts can do these days.
Prediction: I predicted Hillis would have 100 receiving by quite a bit.

Buccaneers @ Vikings - My Pick: Bucs, Actual Score: 24-20, Tampa
The Vikes had a lead again. And they squandered it, again. And AD is a beast,ag...
Freeman looks like John Elway leading comebacks out there.
Prediction: I predicted AD and Blount would basically mirror each other, which they did. I was wrong about Freeman bombing it, but what can you do?

Jaguars @ Jets - My Pick: Jaguars, Actual Score: 32-3, Jets
Dead wrong, here. Luke McCown's passer rating was lower than the Jags' score. Look for Gabbert to see some starting action from here on out. On the other sideline, the Jets D is looking great. I really don't know what to expect from Sanchez....on some occasions, he threads the needle or drops it in his receiver's breadbasket, other times, I wonder how he was a 1st-round pick.

Seahawks @ Steelers - My Pick: Steelers, Actual Score: 24-0, Pittsburgh
This was expected. The 'hawks are struggling to find an identity. The Steelers were angry.
Prediction: Antonio Brown did not have the "monster" game that I predicted. Mike Wallace decided to go off instead.

Cardinals @ Redskins - My Pick: 'Skins, Actual Score: 22-21, Washington
Talk about a close game. Our boy Rexy started out rather poorly, but ended the game well, putting the Redskins in position for the game-winner. Kolb seems to be growing into his role in Arizona. Beanie Wells just keeps on improving out there.

Packers @ Panthers - My Pick: Panthers, Actual Score: 30-23, Cheeseheads
This was closer than most expected. Thanks to wunderkid Cam Newton. 432 yards? In his second start? The Pack looks tough, but that pass D is certainly vulnerable (at least against the NFC South). Lets see if Jay gets enough time against them in week 3. He could have a field day.

Cowboys @ 49ers - My Pick: 49ers, Actual Score: 27-24, 'Boys
Overtime...Punctured lung...Romo still leads his team to victory. That is some dedication. The 49ers were hapless on offense. I'm regretting picking Vernon Davis for my fantasy team. Honestly, though...for Alex Smith: how many second-chances can you get?

Bengals @ Broncos - My Pick: Cincy, Actual Score: 24-22, Broncos
Orton was just good enough to lead his team to a win here. Eric Decker seems to be rising star out there. Andy Dalton came alive in this game, as did fellow rookie AJ Green. Dalton seems to be on his way in Cincy. Same can't be said for Tebow in Denver, though.

Texans @ Dolphins - My Pick: Houston, Actual Score: 23-13, Texans
Is Andre Johnson coverable? It seems like all a defense can do is roll coverage and hope. There's a reason Andre is considered one of the top 2 receivers in the game today. The Fins' secondary seems to be in trouble.

Chargers @ Patriots - My Pick: Bolts, Actual Score: 35-21, Pats
I actually watched this game. And boy, does Brady make it worth your while. That man is playing the game like he invented it. 940 yards after 2 weeks? YIKES. Oh, and Mike Tolbert....what, exactly, is gained by running backwards?You are a big man...ACT LIKE IT!
Prediction: I was off on both yardage totals and winner in my prediction. Luck was not on my side.

Eagles @ Falcons - My Pick: Falcons, Actual Score: 35-31, Falcons
The Eagles were a Jeremy Maclin drop away from tying this one...with Mike Kafka at the helm. The Falcons played somewhat sloppy, but capitalized on their red zone opportunities and takeaways. They had to earn this win, but boy it must feel good.
Prediction: I was off on exact numbers, but I got the gist of what happened: Gonzalez outdid Jones and White combined. That man can still play football.

Rams @ Giants - My Pick: St. Louis, Actual Score: 28-16, G-men
If I'm not mistaken, Chris Berman came very close to predicting the score of this one. The Rams were unable to score TDs in the red zone, as the Giants somehow built a lead and were able to tee off on Bradford in the second half. Eli looked shaky, though. Props to Domenic Hixon for his circus catch to end the half. RW, pay attention.
Prediction: I was right about TOs and drops deciding the game, but I picked the wrong team. Rookie Greg Salas had a few key drops that swung the game in the Giants' favor.

8-8. Not good. I went for some rather questionable picks, and got them shoved down my throat. You win some, you lose some, right? I can only hope to do better next week. Look for my picks to come up on Friday or so.

Thanks for reading! 

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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