The Return of Ditka's Lounge-- Superdome Edition




Welcome back everyone to the hottest scene on the Internet.  The one and only Ditka's Lounge where you're always a VIP and the beer is cold and the polish sausage is endless.  Follow me after the jump for a recap of my experience into the heart of "Who Dat Nation".  It won't be a fun trip but I'll try to be entertaining none the less.

This was not my first trip to the Superdome but it was the first time that my wife and 3 year old son attended a Bears game.  I was truly excited to be able to continue my fandom with my own family and this will be the first of I hope many trips we take to see our beloved.  We left the house around 9 on Saturday to start making our trek to New Orleans.  We had reservations at noon at Cajun Encounters in Slidell Louisiana (home of Matt Forte) to do a swamp tour.  We figured we might as well make the best out of the trip and well my sons loves him some alligators.  The drive for us to New Orleans is only 90 miles so it's not a hard trek to make.  So we arrived at Cajun Encounters and let me tell you, Bear Nation was proudly represented.  I thought maybe this would be an omen as to how Sunday's game would turn out.  The tour was about 90 min we saw about 6 gator and other assorted wildlife so it was a successful trip, not as fun as an air boat ride but fun none the less.


We continued on to New Orleans to check into our hotel and venture out to get a bite to eat.  I will spare you the details of our horrid hotel stay.  We strolled down to the French Quarter so my wife could get some pictures and so we could see what was going on.  Bear Nation once again was well represented as there was not a lack of GSH's up and down Bourbon and Royal Street.  A true sight to see was a balcony proudly displaying Bears jersey's and the last one was that of none other than Michael Keller Ditka.  My wife was quick to get a shot of that truly glorious sight once that I will forever treasure.  We finally found a spot to eat called Oceana, food was good decently priced and they have a courtyard area that you can eat in as well. 


Fast forward to gameday, we decided to go out and get some breakfast before walking down to the Superdome, we decided on Daisy Dukes.  As soon as we walked in you'd have thought everyone there knew who we were, Bears fans were at tables, at the bar, everywhere.  My son was the hit of the dinning room as he strutted around in his white #54 slapping patrons hands and saying Da Bears... truly a proud moment as a father.  Food again was good and it was a nice local place.  We left there and started our walk to the Superdome, the closer we got the thicker the crowd, it was ok though cause again my some was a hit weather Bear or Saints fan they all wanted to high five him.  It was really nice to see as he had a huge smile on his face and was loving the attention. 


As soon as we stepped foot into the Superdome we went straight over to see what players were on the field warming up, wouldn't you know that the first Bear I laid eyes upon was none other than our MVP Patrick Mannelly.  I quickly told my wife to get a shot of him and hoped that his awesomeness wouldn't explode our camera.  After a few more pictures we made the long Orgeon Trail trip to sec 617, no one caught Dysentary so that was a good thing.  Let me tell you, nothing is more fun than carrying a 34 lb kid and his bag up a bunch of big ass stairs.  Anyway we got to our seats and settled in for what we hoped would be a great game. 


We all know what happened so I won't bore you with a recap I will just interject some of my thoughts that occured to me as I sat and watched the debacle that was the football game.

- Attention Saints fans, stop talking during the National Anthem, either sing along like they do in Chicago and cheer or stand there quietly and respectfully.  No one cares about anything you have to say.

- Julius Peppers is huge, even at the top of the Superdome he is an ominous precence. 

- Roy Williams was missed, our receivers aren't really that great, Roy adds a dynamic that we deseperatley need even if he does the stupid first down thing.

- Chris Harris we need  you, please come back soon.

- Towards the end I wanted to sceam Jay watchout!!! They are blitizing and Martz isn't going to help you, but I knew he couldn't hear me. 

- Saints fans are still bent out of shape over the last NFC chamionship game in Chicago, I can't tell you how many I heard crying about how they were treated, snowball, batteries etc... I don't condone the bad behavior of our fans at NFCCG, however that doesn't give you the right to act like a fool to us when we're in your house.

- I think our O line got lost on Bourbon Street.

- Martz left the page in the playbook to the run game on the team plane.

- Hester isn't an every down reciever. There I said it, I supported the idea, but when you see it live you feel different, his routes are ok, but he lacks separation and well dropping the ball when it hits you in the hands isn't acceptable either. 

- Forte needs to be paid.

- The Superdome is loud, seriously I have no idea how the Bears could communicate at all.


After the game was over, and we stayed till the bitter end, my family and I walked back to our hotel, and while most fans were polite to us there was one lady who told my wife that she should take my son's Urlacher jersey off.  Now I didn't hear this comment which is probably a good thing, I assume this was just another drunk Saints fan who had  a good time at the game and felt it necessary to say stuff to her.  Now you can say whatever you want to me, but please when it comes to my child keep your thoughts to yourself, we are raising him right, as a respectful Bears fan that will congratulate their foe in victory or defeat with class. 


This was probably my last trip to New Orleans and all in all we had a good time even if the score didn't quite reflect that.  Thank you to those who were nice to my family and made the trip an enjoyable one for all of us.  We will keep those memories and I'll be able to tell my son when he's a bit older that he got to see HIS Chicago Bears in New Orleans and although on that day they weren't sucessful, it was the game that woke up the sleeping Bear and they used that momemtum from that game and rode it all the way to the Super Bowl.  Oh and that guy whose jersey you were wearing was the MVP of that game and maybe in a few years we will go see him enshrined into the HOF. 

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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