Picks and Predictions: Week 3

20-12. No, not the end of the world. That's my record thus far in terms of picking the winners of these NFL games. Yes, that's an average of 10-6 per week...but last year's Super Bowl winners (gag) went 10-6 in the regular season.

Speaking of which, the Bears happen to be hosting said SB winners in week 3. Give that the Packers' D has given up 800 yards through the air in 2 weeks of play, Jay Cutler can have a field day and exorcise a few demons in this one. As always, I'm picking the Bears to win, in a game that features 2 complete teams that, coincidentally, share the most heated and longest-lasting rivalry in professional football.

My other 15 picks, after I make use of this useful "jump" thing.

Patriots @ Bills - My Pick: Bills
No real reason besides the fact that I want the Patriots to come back to earth. Tom Brady is playing the game like it's some VR-Madden. The Bills, however, are on a roll, something that hasn't been said for more than 15 years. I give them the game here because they're playing at home. Should be very exciting. (Of course, Tom Brady could just have another field day and we'll all anoint the Pats as SB's hoping that's avoided)
Prediction: This game features 4 100-yd receivers, one of whom will be Rob Gronkowski.

49ers @ Bengals - My Pick: Bengals
Despite the fact that they lost last game, the Bengals played surprisingly well, particularly on offense. The 49ers don't seem to know what they're doing. Cincy, and I don't expect it to be close.

Dolphins @ Browns - My Pick: Cleveland
After a morale boosting victory in Indy last week, Colt McCoy and Co. return home to face a Dolphins team that, despite playing fairly well, has suffered 2 losses at home. Now they get tossed into the Dog Pound. Though I don't expect a one-sided game, a double-digit point differential is not out of the question.

Broncos @ Titans - My Pick: Tennessee
After a surprising win against a very good Ravens team, expect the Titans to continue to have success. Particularly against a vulnerable Broncos' run D. 
Prediction: Titans exceed 200 rushing yds. Less than 110 from CJ.

Lions @ Vikings - My Pick: Lions
Simply put: the Lions have looked great the past 2 weeks, the Vikes have not. This game has "BLOWOUT" written all over it. In permanent marker. 
Prediction: Stafford throws for 5 TDs, 2 to Calvin and one to Best. 

Texans @ Saints - My Pick: Texans
Yes, we lost to these Saints last week. Badly. However, the Texans possess 2 things that we did not: An NFL-caliber O-line and a No. 1 receiver that can dominate at will. If there's a game that can beat the record of 906 combined passing yards set in week 1, it's this one.
Prediction: Andre Johnson's stat line looks something like 12-200-4.

Giants @ Eagles - My Pick: Eagles
Vick or no Vick, the Eagles should have this one in the bag. The Giants do not look like a team that's playing together right now. If it were week 8, they'd have a chance. Week 3? None. Even if Mike Kafka ends up starting, the Eagles have the sheer talent to pull this one out. Another high-octane rivalry, but the game might not match the hype.
Prediction: D-Jax returns a punt for a TD.

Jaguars @ Panthers - My Pick: Panthers
Gabbert vs. Newton. I don't think Newton can keep up his level of play. Without earning a few W's, that is. Don't think he'll throw for 400 yds, but he could still put up big numbers against a suspect Jags' D. Look for Gabbert to surprise in his 1st start, but that D will be the foil to his great day.
Prediction: Both QBs surpass 250 yards through the air. It'll be Newton's 100 yards on the ground that makes the difference.

Jets @ Raiders - My Pick: Raiders
The Raiders are playing good football right now (WOW. Been a while...). The Jets are making mistakes, but teams aren't taking advantage. Raiders D-line could have a field day. It'll be close and hard-fought, but Oakland has the tools to come out on top.

Ravens @ Rams - My Pick: Rams
I'd usually go with Baltimore, but I just don't see the Rams going 0-3. Also, the Ravens are on the road again, which, judging from last week's performance, should help out the Rams. Defense will be key in this one. My man Laurinaitis should come up big. If he outperforms his legendary counterpart, the Rams will win this game.

Chiefs @ Chargers - My Pick: Chargers
Coming off a thorough beat down...yeah, go ahead and complete that sentence. Oh, wait. 
Anyways, the Chiefs are REELING right now. Look for Rivers to kick their butts. Sorta like what Brady showed him last week.

Cardinals @ Seahawks - My Pick: Arizona
This is more a case of the Seahawks being a bad team than the Cardinals being a good one. Kolb-to-Fitzgerald takes another step in this one. The Seahawks could surprise and play with some intensity after last week's thrashing, but I seriously doubt that happening.

Falcons @ Buccaneers - My Pick: Bucs
Falcons are great at home. In this game, they're on the road. It'll be close, and we all know how Freeman seems to do in close games.
Prediction: Freeman gets his ninth 4th-Q comeback.

Steelers @ Colts - My Pick: Pittsburgh
The Colts and Chiefs are front-runners in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. I think Peyton Manning is cementing his HOF credentials by being out thus far--he took this team to the playoffs last year?!? Anyways, Steelers in a blowout.

Redskins @ Cowboys - My Pick: Washington
Romo seems like he'll be able to play. Play well? That's a different matter. The 'Boys have talent, but the Redskins are playing some pretty good football right now. This should make for a great MNF classic, rivalry and all.
Prediction: A missed FG decides this one.

Well, there you have it, folks. Definitely early, but I had some time. Gonna be a rare commodity in the coming weeks (college apps).

Thanks for reading. BEAR (Jew) DOWN!  

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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