WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for Wk 3

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 25: Morgan Burnett #42 of the Green Bay Packers intercepts a pass in front of teammate Tramon Williams #38 against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on September 25, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The Packers defeated the Bears 27-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

All of Bear nation, from the fans, sports talk radio, and even Jay Cutler himself is having doubts about this offense. Usually in year 2 of offensive schemes, players are supposed to have a better understanding of the scheme and execute properly. For the 2nd consecutive week, Mike Martz and his offense has shown us that they still have a ways to go. I'm not ready to fully give up on Martz's system, but it's clear that some adjustments need to be made in order to save this season.


Mike Martz Play-calling Grade C-

Martz's play-calling wasn't a complete failure as the Bears got down early and the Packers were keyed in on stopping Matt Forte on the ground. What he could have done was substitute the run for dump offs and short routes. I never understood his pleasure for the Wildcat especially with no one back there that's even a threat to put the ball in the air. That's a play that needs to be scratched out the playbook because all it does is gets all 11 defenders keying in on the run. Martz has been in the line of fire today and his system is being question to if its suits Jay Cutler and the rest of the offensive players. I don't question his system, but more his play calling and personnel needs for the system.

Pass Protection and Run Blocking Grades B- and F

I thought the offensive line and the RB's did a good job in pass protection. Forte neutralized Charles Woodson corner blitzes and Frank Omiyale surprising did an admirable job on Clay Matthews. Chris Williams might have had his worst game so far this season whiffing on blocks when he was pulling on the outside allowing Forte to get stuffed by Matthews. Although Omiyale had a good job pass protecting, the false starts at home were completely unacceptable. Run Blocking was beyond putrid as the Packers defensive front bullied the Bears O-line on the ground until Martz gave up. So far this season the Bears have not proven they can run the football on just about any defensive front.

Wide Receivers Grades D+

Johnny Knox and Dane Sanzenbacher keeps this grade from being an F. Knox did some good things out there making plays on the ball, and keeping the defender from making a play on the ball by using his body. In my opinion, it is clear to me that Knox is the better receiver at this point than Roy Williams who before Sanzenbacher's TD, dropped a catchable slant pass. He also had a very hard time gaining separation from Tramon Williams throughout the game. Haven't completely given up on Roy, but the leash is shorter. Sanzenbacher played well Sunday and continues to impress me with his awareness on the field despite only being in the league for a couple months. Hester despite the double move on Woodson and a catch in space for big yardage was quiet throughout the day. The Bears should flirt with the idea of putting Bennett as the starting flanker with Dane in the slot and Hester coming in on some plays.

Passing Game/ Running game Grade C- and Grade INC

The two interceptions were completely on Jay. The 1st one he didn't put the ball on the sideline which gave Morgan Burnett (damn he's a good player) the opportunity to make a play on the ball which he did. The other INT just sailed on Jay which was an easy INT for Burnett. It simply wasn't Jay best day throwing the football and you can see out there that he doesn't trust his receivers or protection. Don't know if I can give Forte a grade simply because Martz didn't call his number enough for him to warrant one from me.

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