Picks and Predictions: Week 3 Review

Well...the Bears lost, at home, to the hated Packers. But you know what? They didn't look like they deserved a win. With the possible exceptions of Briggs and Urlacher, no one seemed like he wanted to play. Yes, it was deflating, but we escaped perhaps the toughest opening 3 weeks at 1-2. That's not entirely pathetic.

Needless to say, that was one pick that I got wrong. My other 15 after the jump. 

Patriots @ Bills - My Pick: Buffalo; Actual Score: 34-31, BILLS!
A Bears loss is a little easier to stomach when a game like this has taken place. Tom Brady through as many picks in 3 quarters here as he had all of last year (4). Fitzpatrick was good enough to win the game, though he had a few hiccups of his own. The Bills are certainly not who we thought they were.
Prediction: I predicted 4 100-yd receivers...there were 3 (Welker had 200 though. Take it for what you will.) Gronkowski was one of the 100-yders...Score!

49ers @ Bengals - My Pick: Bengals; Actual Score: 13-8, San Fran
The Bengals look hapless. The best thing about this game was that there had never been a 13-8 game in NFL history prior to this.

Dolphins @ Browns - My Pick: Cleveland; Actual Score: 17-16, Dawgs
Well. Not quite what I expected, but a win is a win. Cleveland has too much talent to be performing at this level. Same can be said of Miami.

Broncos @ Titans - My Pick: Titans; Actual Score: 17-14, Music City
The Titans cannot continue to rely on Matt Hasselbeck's arm. It simply will not work. The Broncos seem like a team with a compass and no map. They have no clue where they need to go, but they have the tools to get there.
Prediction: CJ didn't rush for many yards at all. No one did. My prediction of 200 yds for TEN was waaay off.

Lions @ Vikings - My Pick: Lions; Actual Score: 26-23, Motor City
This was a nailbiter in OT. And the Vikes seem to forget how to play after halftime. Calvin Johnson is an absolute beast. It's almost unfair.
Prediction: Johnson caught 2 TDs. Unfortunately, that was all Stafford threw for. Semi-right. sorta.

Texans @ Saints - My Pick: Houston; Actual Score: 40-33, Cajuns
A great game in New Orleans, with the Saints eeking out a home victory. Jimmy Graham is the next great TE.It helps to have an All-Pro QB throwing the ball, which can compensate for a decimated receiving corps, but Graham seems to be the real deal. The Texans were good, but not good enough.
Prediction: Andre didn't have quite the game I expected, though he was his usual dominant self.

Giants @ Eagles - My Pick: Philly; Actual Score: 29-16, G-men
The Giants were surprisingly good in this one. The Eagles could not protect Mike Vick, and that was the difference. Sounds familiar.
Prediction: D-Jax did not have a punt return TD. Sigh...

Jaguars @ Panthers - My Pick: Carolina; Actual Score: 16-14, Fig Newtons
"Monsoon" was the right word to describe the weather. Rained like crazy, and Newton didn't turnover the ball. Kudos to the kid. Gabbert looked okay, considering this was about as crazy a first start a kid could get. Panthers earned the win, though.
Prediction: Neither QB sniffed 250 yds, but not many can in such ridiculous weather conditions.

Jets @ Raiders - My Pick: Raiders; Actual Score: 34-24, Pirate Dudes
The Raiders are playing some quality football. McFadden is ballin', and the D is playing at a high level. They are looming on our schedule, and they seem like some big bullies.

Ravens @ Rams - My Pick: Rams; Actual Score: 37-3, Birds
Well. I will not be picking the Rams for a bit. They are a good team that needs a year or two to figure things out. Ste-Jax is key to their success. Conversely, that loss in Tennessee seems like an aberration, as the Ravens have blown out 2 decent football teams. Torrey Smith is making strides out there, which would really boost an otherwise lackluster passing O.

Chiefs @ Chargers - My Pick: Chargers; Actual Score: 20-17, Bolts
Wow. San Diego almost lost this one. It's looking more and more like Oakland could run away with this division. Wow.

Falcons @ Bucs - My Pick: TB; Actual Score: 16-13, Pirates
Well...the Falcons have some Oline problems of their own. Matt Ryan is made of some solid stuff to keep taking those hits and popping back up. The Bucs proved that they can win football games. Now, for some consistency.
Prediction: Surprisingly, the Bucs didn't need a Freeman-led comeback for the win. Impressive.

Steelers @ Colts - My Pick: Pittsburgh; Actual Score: 23-20, Steel City
Closer than most thought. The Steelers were held in check by...the Colts' D. Not very inspiring. Mike Wallace is looking for a Pro Bowl berth, though.

Redskins @ Cowboys - My Pick: 'Skins; Actual Score: 18-16, 'Boys
Well. A decent game. Ended by a Grossman fumble. Haven't heard of THAT before. Anyways, read the Prediction bit for more.
Prediction: I predicted the game would come don to a missed field goal...and it did. A botched hold robbed the Redskins of 3 points...3 that would have altered the outcome in their favor. Romo showed some massive grit, though, in picking up the win here.


Well...9-7. Not GREAT, but not a complete fail either. The Bills pick salvages the week. Should be worth extra...but I ramble on. 
Anyways, thanks for reading, and, as always, BEAR DOWN! 

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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