Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2012: Week 9 vs. Tennessee Titans

Wesley Hitt

The Bears gave up three more sacks on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, before reading would you care to guess how many were credited to the Chicago O-Line?


This week wasn't as bad as last week, but some pass protection issues continue to show up. We add three more sacks to the total and the Sackwatch is currently looking like this;

Sackwatch after 8 games
2010 - 32
2011 - 21
2012 - 28

That 2011 number looks mighty fine, and if you remember last year during week 8 the Bears held the Philadelphia Eagles without a sack. With the Texans and 49ers up the next two weeks I'd expect the '12 number to outdistance the 2010 pace.

Sack 26 - First Quarter 9:39 - Akeem Ayers
This sack was pointless. Jay Cutler ball faked to Matt Forte to the left, and rolled out to his right. Akeem Ayers stayed with Bears TE Kyle Adams who blocked down before releasing back outside, down the line of scrimmage in front of Cutler's roll out. Ayers read the play-action well, but Cutler took an unnecessary hit near the sideline. I understand he's trying to make a play, but he had no where to go. He was out of the pocket, there was backside pursuit and Ayers had the angle in front, so why not just lob the ball out of bounds to avoid a hit? This sack is clearly on Jay.

Sack 27 - Second Quarter 1:16 - Jurrell Casey
This is the third strip/sack on Cutler in two weeks. He simply has to have better pocket awareness, but in his defense Jurrell Casey was on him in a hurry. The Bears were in the red zone with at least a shot at a FG attempt coming up. Cutler and the Bears came out with a double tight end set (both to the left) and Forte in the backfield, who motioned far left to make it an empty set with 4 receivers left. I liked the look from Chicago, but the outcome was obviously crappy.

It appeared there may have been a slip screen to Forte set up to the left, as LG Chilo Rachal made very quick contact with Casey before pulling to the left and Matt Forte came back to his QB. Cutler however, looked to be throwing to the lone wide out to his right. It was just bad execution all around, but if I were to give the sack allowed stat, I'd pin it on Rachal. He should have maintained contact a tad longer and/or forced Casey to go outside through the B gap, not straight through the A gap.

Sack 28 - Third Quarter 14:13 - Kamerion Wimbley
Wimbley beat Chicago TE Kellen Davis around the left edge, but his pressure wasn't alone. Chicago RT Gabe Carimi allowed DE Derrick Morgan to beat him around the edge too. Both Bears players had slow feet, and lunged at their defender. It was like mirror images of piss poor technique. Since the sack was credited to Winbley, the sack allowed goes to Davis, but Carimi was just as bad.

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