The 2012 Chicago Bears

The 2012 Chicago Bears have the opportunities, resources and potential to reach the Super Bowl and win it all. That statement is every fans dream, but if that dream is ever to become a reality, the organization needs to change. The end of the Jerry Angelo Era was a fantastic way to kick off the Bears new year, now let's see them continue in that direction. We've lost out on two fantastic prospects. The Raven's Decosta, and the Packers Reggie Mckenzie. While this is not the worst news, it says a lot when you are a Marquis franchise and cannot entice top suitors to your program. The reason for this? Ted Phillips. We all know the Bears are a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" organization. Teddy fired Jerry because he needed a scapegoat. Jerry was terrible, and deserved to go, but McCaskey should have fired Ted as well. The Bears are a legitimate marquis franchise with massive revenues capabilities. However, they flounder in actually capitalizing on all of this because of this "scratching" business. Why do we not have a Turf like Lambeau Field? Poor management. Teddy, I'm calling you out. I can't fire you, but I can pave you a path to success. All you have to do is listen.

We will address the GM search first.

Les Snead. This is the man we want. Honestly, he is going to be a fantastic fit in Chicago and he has a free year to make bold moves and suffer no consequences. And this man will make them. Any one remember Julio Jones? Les Snead was a part of that decision. Things didn't pan out for the Falcons in the playoffs this year, but that doesn't fall on the Julio Draft. They acquired what they needed. At all costs. Les is a man who is going to do that for us.

Tim Ruskell. No, I do not like this anymore than anyone else. He sucked in Seattle, and he'll suck here too. However, there is an upside to this, If Teddy and the bears hire this man and we free fall next year, then the organization receives a complete renovation from Top to Bottom and Teddy, your ass is grass.


HC-Lovie Smith. Is as a top ten coach in the NFL. The decision to keep Lovie on in my opinion was sound. However, I would not have made that statement until after the hire of a new GM and allowed him to appear publicly to say it was his decision to keep Lovie. He is no Bill Belichick, but the only coaches I would want taking over the Bears after the Lovie era are either Bill Cowher or Tony Dungy. He has a sound understanding of Defense and the Players respect him and want to play for him.

OC-Mike Tice. Smart decision. If the next year fails, the OC job is as good as gone anyhow so selling this position to the top OC's available would have been tough. Besides that, Tice actually understands balance on offense and has been a direct contributor to some of the most successful offenses in recent history with the Jaguars and the Vikings. Allowing him a wide receiver coach may be unorthodox, but it will ease the transition and allow him another perspective.

QB Coach Jedd Fisch. He has experience as a QB coach and he worked with Jay Cutler in Denver. We lost out on Loggains. This man is the next best step.

DC Rod Marinelli. The man knows what he is doing and understands how to make the Tampa Two work. His defense is best when rested which requires some cooperation from the offense. If he acquires another solid pass rusher and an heir to Brian Urlacher, this man will be happy.

Free Agents

Chicago has roughly 50.1 million dollars of available cap space for the 2012 season. This should be plenty of money to nail down our own free agents and the most appealing agents of the 2012 class.

Matt Forte. Pay the man, He deserves it. However, pay him within reason. Forte is searching for a contract that has a high amount of money guaranteed. How off were the Bears last year? About 3 million. Offer him a four year deal at 35 million with 18.5 guaranteed. This is an offer that will please him and solidify one of our greatest weapons. Cost for 2012? 8.75 Million. remaining space = 41.35 Million.

Lance Briggs. The man has a point. He has been nominated to seven straight pro bowls. That is impressive. And he does deserve a restructured contract. This year. Offer him a three year, 18 million dollar contract at 6 million per year with a 750,000 per pro bowl appearance. Cost in 2012? 6.75 million. Space = 34.6 million.

Vincent Jackson. He is a beast of a receiver and he will shine in Chicago. He is 29 and still has four good years left at least. Offer him 40 million dollars with 20 of it guaranteed and a he'll show you how good Jay Cutler can really be. Cost in 2012? 10 million. Remaining Space? 24.6 million.

Brandon Marshall. No, he is not a free agent. However, he will fit nicely in Chicago and Jay wants him back. Well, listen to your franchise Quarterback. Brandon is within reach by trading our two 3rd round picks. He has a lot of money remaining on his contract, but you are now competing against Green Bay and New Orleans. And you can beat them. Soundly. Two beast receivers combined with Johnny Knox and Dane Sanzenbacher make for one hell of a receiving core. Cost in 2012? 9 million. Remaining space? 15.6 Million.

2012 Draft.

With 15.6 million remaining in Cap Space, and many positions solidly addressed, the bears can now pursue less expensive positions in the draft and begin to rebuild a solid foundation.

1st Pick- Having addressed the receiver position through Free Agency, and seeing as the corner position is strong in this draft class, and the QB position is weak, there are two positions the bears need with this pick. However, it will come to most talented remaining on the board. Either Offensive Lineman or Linebacker. The solid LT's will be gone by this point. Personally I would like to see the bears 1st pick go to....

LB-Vontaze Burfict. Beast, Defiler, the source of all my pain. Vontaze the Vicious. Voracious Vontaze has been described as "What you get after kicking Ray Lewis's Dog". His highlight videos show ferocity, intimidation, and sheer power. Forget Kuechly. This is what a Bear looks like. The heir Apparent to the LineBacking core of Chicago is waiting to bring the pain.

2nd Pick- Offensive lineman. Mike Tice can find a solid contributor here.

3rd Round- (2) traded to Miami

4th Round- As I said, this years class has depth at corner. Though unlikely, it is possible to secure a contributing corner here with the potential to develop into a solid contributor.

5th Round- Offensive Lineman.

6th Round- Offensive lineman.

7th Round- I realize that none of you will like this. However, there is something to be said for correcting your mistakes. This pick should be a gift to the Baltimore Ravens. Why? Why would we do that? Because it is the right thing to do. Most 7th rounders do not last in the NFL. And Jerry could have potentially destroyed relations with a respected and prominent franchise. Let's show the NFL and the Ravens that we are classy and are taking a step in the right direction. Give them the pick. It doesn't hurt us, and it mends the future of an organization that was built on strength, power and Class.

We are missing a solid Defensive line acquisition. And we need new field turf. I know. Who knows, perhaps this article will serve as a blue print for Les Snead and Teddy. They are in the NFL after all and may have savvier ideas than mine. However, they should at least read this. Bear Nation would be ecstatic.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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