SMD's "Way Too Premature" 3 Round Mock

I love draft time. It's probably my favorite time of the football season (when the Bears aren't in the post-season). Therefore, I have decided to put my premature mock out here for you all to see. Have fun

Round 1: Kelechi Osemele OT Iowa State

I know I know...You're thinkg...Who? Trust me on this one guys.. He's GOOD. Standing 6'6 and weighing in at a thundering 347pounds this is not just a football player... this is a MAN. He has been compared to Michael Oher and quite honestly, plays every bit as good. From every site I have seen he's been ranked in the top10 at his position, the highest being 4th. His bios say he would probably be best in a run-first system, and with Tice at the helm I believe that's just what the Bears will be. Here's a tid bit about him LINK

His natural size and brute strength earned him a starting job in 2008 as a redshirt freshman, playing in every game, including five starts at guard. Osemele started every contest in 2009 as a sophomore, earning Second Team All-Big 12 honors. He moved to left tackle as a junior in 2010 and again started every game. Osemele finished his collegiate playing career in 2011 as a senior, starting the final 44 games of his career.

He looks the part physically and is talented enough to start from day one, but expect some growing pains. Reminiscent of Michael Oher as a prospect, but he works best in a phone booth and is best suited at guard. A frustrating prospect because he doesn't always play at the high level he is capable of - will he put in the work to continue his development and reach his potential?

Round 2: Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech

This is a great pick. As a sophomore, Jayron accounted for 9 interceptions, as a Junior he totaled 3 interceptions and 31 tackles. The drop in INTs was basically due to the opposing teams not wanting to throw his way! He's a good sized corner at 5'10 171. His 40 times isn't exceptional, he runs around a 4.4 - 4.5, although he plays quicker and smart. He's rated as a second rounder. LINK

Round 3: Billy Winn DL Boise State

He's good. He's big. He's fast. 6'3 300 pounds and runs a 4.89 40 yard dash. He's big enough to play the 3tech, but he's also got the right moves to play the end in the Bears system. Great fit, fills a need. LINK

Round 3: Greg Childs WR Arkansas

Standing at 6'3 217pounds, he has the size every Bears fan wants at WR. He's strong enough to beat the press, and fast enough to blow passed the defender afterwards. The only reason he drops so low is because of a receiver heavy draft, that and he missed his JR season. He's fast. Listed as a 4.3-4.4 runner, he will be faster than most pro cornerbacks. A great pick over all. LINK

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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