A Real Look at Angelo's Draft History

So essentially I broke down EVERY SINGLE PICK Angelo has ever made as the Bears GM. Since Ruskell has only been Director of Player Personnel for little over a year, there's not as much analysis as I would like on what his input was during this period. Essentially, Angelo managed to screw everything up by himself.

or if you need a preview:

Come with me past the Jump to see what I took away from all the analysis.

So after looking everything through, Angelo had a 64.29% chance to screw up every pick. What's really notable is the ineffectiveness of Angelo in drafting through the most important times of the draft in the sub-100 pick range. Today's lack of depth is a damning indictment at just how poorly Angelo drafted.

I didn't judge the 2011 draft picks as there isn't enough history to judge them on yet. Taking a quick look at his draft in 2010, you can see that only TWO of his picks even grade out as decent (admittedly through my own subjective grading system whose parameters I lay out at the bottom). Even tagging the two as decent could be up for debate as Major Wright and Ja'Marcus Webb are the two graded as decent considering how much they started and the position that they were drafted in.

For every pick I listed his Bear career stats, as well as some armchair analysis.

I would say his absolute WORST draft was in 2007, as only two of his picks are still with the Bears and he had the full set of picks to screw up.

His best draft could be considered either the 2003 or the 2008 draft with the amount of players that graded out well/or were with the Bears through their most productive years.

An interesting trend that was discovered was that productive players were picked by the Bears, yet they didn't progress within the Bears system. Marc Columbo, Mark Anderson, Daniel Manning, Cedric Benson, Chris Harris, Bernard Berrian, and Justin Gage were all players who had productive careers outside of Chicago.

Another trend was Angelo making picks with known injuries or legal problems. His very first draft in 2001 had John Capel as a 7th rounder that had popped for the combine drug test program. Marc Columbo came to the Bears injured, as well as Chris Williams.

All in all, they evidence is pretty damning that Angelo wasn't able to build the Chicago Bears though the draft. If you feel differently, please....discuss in the comments below!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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