Senior Bowl Recap

For those who didnt get to watch the Senior Bowl or didnt care to. Here is a recap of who's stock went up and whose went down.

1.Quinton Coples - Up - Coples had been a beast all week at practices and showed why you must call him a beast during the game. He ended up with 1 or 2 sacks with a couple of PD's and a couple hurries. He'll never last to 19 let alone out of the top 10 but if he did, no brainer.

2.Vinny Curry- Up- Curry was talked about a lot this past week as a physical/high motor type player. Curry showed up lst night with a sack and a couple of tackles for a loss. If Curry does well at the combine, I wouldnt mind seeing him picked at 19. He is my favorite Defensive End with the exception of Coples.

3.Cam Johnson- Up- Stats didnt show it but he was creating a lot of pressure in the backfield yesterday. Looks to be a strong but fast pass rusher with good hands and quick feet.

4.Audie Cole- Up- Cole made some really nice tackles last night and was always running to the ball. He kind of reminds me of what the Bears would want in there LB's. I know I wouldnt mind taking him.

5.Casey Hayward- Up- Hayward showed yesterday that he can play man to man as well as zone. There was a lot of talk during the week that he couldnt play man very well. But when the game started, He showed us that he could play man to man. He had a int and a tackle or two.

6.Joe Adams- Down and then Up- He started off the game by letting a defender strip the ball on his first catch. But afterwards he showed up consistently and with a mean streak. The little guy was catching the ball and getting up the field very well. He ended up with over 100 yards receiving and probably made a few more teams look at him over the next couple of months.

7.Juron Criner-Up- Criner showed last night that he can catch the ball. He was all over the field last night catching almost everything that was thrown his way. He caught a nice TD catch from his buddy Nick Foles.

8.Marvin Jones- Neutral- Jones caught one nice pass for a TD and continued to have his name thrown around this week as a sleeper but he didnt really do too much to hurt or help his stock.

9. Gerell Robinson-Neutral- Had a fantastic TD Catch with great physical power after the catch but Im not sure the game did anymore than bring up his name as a late round project.

10.Jeff Fuller- Down- Hurt his stock this whole week by dropping a lot of passes and continued to show weak hands by dropping a few during the game.

11. Brian Quick- Neutral- Made a couple of catches but didnt hurt or help his status at all. Should be interesting to see how he does at the combine though. Probably the most intriguing WR prosepct outside of the first round.

12. Janoris Jenkins-Down- Jenkins failed on most aspects during the game last night. He got beat a couple of times on some deep routes. With all of the Drug problems and the poor show yesterday, he should be graded as a mid to late 2nd rounder but will probably be picked up by a team hurting for corners like Dallas.

13. Chris Polk-Down- Polk showed that he could be a 3rd down back and thats about all. Has a little power but thats about it.

My pick for the player that proved the most is Isaiah Pead.

Obviously the guy performed well as being named the MVP of the Senior Bowl. But if you all get a chance, check out his higlights of this game or any other. Pead is an animal in the return game and also showed that he could be an every down back in the NFL. Plus the guy has tremendous speed for his size. Let me know if I missed anyone on the list and what you thought of the game.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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